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  1. Yes of course....my thought is that what makes a good neck doesn't necessarily make a good body....so perhaps a one piece guitar is not likely to succeed.
  2. I have a similar guitar and it's never been an issue...all part of the stripped down appeal of the guitar.
  3. The Firebird with it's through neck is on similar lines.
  4. It might need a bit of wiring to tap into the speaker a by-pass the amp, so maybe talk to an amp tech. By the way...Laney amps are great and made in UK a 15w valve combo for about £300 great for blues etc with nice overdrive.
  5. Yes it is a beauty...possibly unique shape for an archtop...Barney used to play ES150's with a Charlie Christian pickup too.
  6. Thankyou for this excellent post, I love this kind of stuff...I just knew that guy would play fiddle too. Anybody listen to Fairport Convention?
  7. I find both valuable for guitar...notation allows you to communicate with other musicians too. The best book for guitarists learning notation from scratch is 'Alfred's Basic Guitar Method'.
  8. I prefer guitars with a majority of wood in the construction....this guitar sounds better than it should, I applaud it's modular interchangeable concept. Does it remind anybody else of the Ducati Monster?
  9. I had crackles from my Fender DeLuxe VM, not specific to any guitar, archtop or solid. Worth talking to the dealer in case he has an idea...I assume clothing, shoe soles etc have been considered.
  10. Lots of great pics here...I'm generally a 'natural' guy, either unstained,stained or sunburst. A rhetorical question : has anybody book-matched a flame maple finish?
  11. In the UK Mesa amps are very expensive but also highly rated. Depending on the preferred sound I often look at the tube specs and then compare at various price points. For example the Vox AC30 is a revered amp for good reasons using EL84 tubes...the Laney VC30 is wired similarly and costs almost half. The other question is whether to go for combo or seperate head/cab...50watts sometimes deserves a cab although a combo can achieve much in a compact format.
  12. Laney make some good amps...echoes of the Vox EL84 sound with their own character. I have a VC30 2x12 which I like a lot
  13. For me it depends on the day...Luther Perkins sparkling echoey cleans...to...high gain EVH 2 hand pyrotechnics. How lucky to have an instrument (the guitar) that can do all that without synthesis.
  14. By it's very nature overdrive will colour the tone more or less. One approach is to use amp gain boost for a 'natural' sound...perhaps with added compression for sustain...it's all down to personal preference.
  15. Just had a 'thought'...was it a resonator cone?
  16. Willy you have caught the shiny mirror finish to perfection...what a beautiful guitar...I enjoy the aural delights of P90's too
  17. Interesting question....I often wonder about profit margins etc. Gibson are a mass producer with economy of scale, some of their guitars are lowish profit margin and obviously their elite and signature ranges attempt higher profit. Some dealers will lower their margin to clear guitar stock. Compare to a one-off or small production run from a single luthier who is producing top quality hand built instruments often competitive in price to the 'big boys'.
  18. An SG straight into a Laney....30, 50, or 100w can sound really good with natural valve distortion.
  19. Some will wear spectacles = 4 eyes......
  20. All great posts...here's my fun tone machine....
  21. Versatile


    Yes a real challenge...similar with most full-bodied archtops...I wonder what Steve Howe does? Never tried a damper but they look purposeful. I'm sure you've already considered guitar/amp orientation and some PA's now have feedback suppressors
  22. May I suggest 2 from opposite ends of the spectrum?....The Shadows....Joe Satriani....
  23. The first guitar amp was somebody's rewired radio or similar...(needs must)...
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