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  1. Great guitar...go for it !!
  2. A good fuzz sound can be enhanced with a Kazoo.
  3. I love those Russian Muffs...built to tight military specs...
  4. Thinking in parallel for a moment...the E-Bow can be great fun...
  5. Yes I think music and tab are useful...Baroque lute used to be tabbed...Elizabethan Rock !!
  6. Nowadays the big issue is whether to learn to read music...any comments?
  7. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.
  8. I think the dealer is right...I have a black Sheri which still feels a bit 'waxed up'...it's nice to see some gentle ageing...depends on the coating mix too, I don't think black nitro finishes would take polish too well.
  9. I am crippled with 'store fright' whenever trying out a guitar...until I am well into my 'test' piece...Flight of the Bumble Bee....just joking !!
  10. I sometimes use headphones in the lounge when in earshot of neighbours (they can't hear a thing) My kitchen is well soundproof to outsiders and neighbours, I play at up to No3 whilst leaning against the draining board. When in a more expansive mood I hook up wireless, adjust to No5, relocate to the lounge...using the kitchen door as a Master Volume control.
  11. Good Luck and enjoy !! There is a latin clave going on here which is great to feel....good to see you play Tuba too, opens up a whole world of music...You Will Always Have a Job.....
  12. The Boss is great...and I aint talkin' about Bruce....Enjoy !!
  13. Bad is the new Good....and it does no harm to have a Swedish Blonde on your arm.....
  14. Beautiful guitar Dusty...have you seen the Eastman take on these?
  15. Ernie Ball or d'Addarrio are nice...9's or 10's unless you want a huge tone with 11's or 12's...depends what type of sound you are looking for...heavy gauge are hard work but SRV used 13's on his Strat.....Happy Picking !!
  16. I have one of these and think it's great fun. I wonder if it would ever be developed into a 'sensible' guitar with a varnished wood finish and maybe a different choice of pickup for a broader range of musical styles. Any Bigsby-Travis fans out there or Gretsch G6119 ? It might need a tone pot or tone switch to complete the picture....
  17. Tokai make some nice Firebirds...cheap and usually need a P/U upgrade, but a fraction of Gibson prices.
  18. If the amp is doing all the work (ie high gain) I like very low action with 9's on my Epi Sheri. Slightly higher with 10's for harder picking and no buzz say 2mm at the 12th fret on a Tele or Casino for clean sounds. A little higher still with up to 12's on a hollow semi for big tone clean with slap-back echo for R&R etc.
  19. I am lucky to have my dream guitar (pic to left): Gordon Smith Galaxy inspired by a 335 but with extra individual touches like a florentine cutaway, inhouse wound H/Bs with coil tap and neat binding. It will take high gain for blues/rock and with one or more coils tapped will give a country snap...eponymously versatile...
  20. Probably not relevant but the Peerless Songbird is an immaculate natural finish Casino-a-like....
  21. Methinks a lot of it is in the fingers...anything with a Joe Pass logo is likely to be good and quite a lot of jazz has little do to with equipment : good pick technique, good time, clean amp (Polytone is the one) and harmonic feel can work wonders. Joe Pass had such a fine ear it is untrue...and he played a Fender Jazzmaster solid when in drug rehab.....
  22. A Casino/ES330 works really well on Rockabilly and Rock'n Roll...how about some Elvis/Carl Perkins, Stray Cats etc....and not forgetting early-ish BB King or even Chuck Berry. Roll the dice and collect your winnings......
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