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  1. Collection shows good taste...I'll take the Firebird and Casino !!
  2. Nice guitars...try this one for size...!!
  3. It could be a beauty Alan...depends how much it costs and would need careful packaging a shipping, you can often get a 'feel' for how genuine the vendor is, why is he selling and how long did he own it, what is the string set-up etc? I've bought lots of guitars over the internet, some expensive ones, and never had a problem so far...Good Luck !!
  4. Armstrong was one of the first black superstars...great jazz player who probably started singing for comedic effect and because he was such a lovely personality people forgave him and joined in with the fun. Rod on the other hand seems to have benefitted from having great musicians like Jeff Beck, The Faces etc. so the boogie was hot and when everybody is drunk the voice doesn't matter. Faces concerts often involved kicking footballs around and wearing tartan scarves and silly haircuts...yet more evidence that the knees-up factor transcended any concerns about vocal limitations.
  5. Stevie Wonder...Led Zeppelin...The Police...Jethro Tull...Rolling Stones...Paul McCartney.
  6. Check what the Wombles have to say about that.
  7. m...you have summed everything up in one post!! Interesting point about the banjo, I think people forget it's negro folk/blues roots. Off the wall...one of my favourite albums is Joey deFrancesco with John McLaughlin and Dennis Chambers...who would have thought it possible?......
  8. Yes good to be reminded of Frampton's playing...he played some nice Ovation accoustic things too.
  9. John McLaughlin has been using Godins recently...they have great synth interfaces.
  10. A very amusing item...started out as a Monty Python style monologue, then took on a 'life' of it's own...
  11. I think some drummers have a bit of a complex about how valuable they are to the group or how much influence they have on song arrangements etc. Cases in point Ringo the Beatle and Charlie Watts the Stone....both pivotal to their respective hugely successful bands, yet jokingly disparaged by their band-mates. On the other side of the coin are the innovators/leaders like Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell, Stewart Copeland, Keith Moon who were well aware of their importance to the overall sound and direction of their music. Most recently I enjoyed seeing how much fun the Kings of Leon drummer was having in driving their songs. On a disconnected note...does anybody else, like me, laugh when they hear a cuica?
  12. My first pet dog was a Labrador...similar area...half the size.....
  13. I've played many LP guitars over the years, Gibson and Epi at various price points and would tend to agree that they come alive in high gain situations. I have never enjoyed playing any of them clean and can't think of anybody famous who features a clean LP tone, except the great Les Paul himself ! I always gravitate to a Tele/Strat or a semi (either hollow or centre block, S/C or H/B) for a satisfying clean sound with a Fender DeLuxe or similar amp with a good clean channel.
  14. Love these cars to bits...they are making close replica 3000's to this day somewhere, unbelievably my local garage is a dealer for them!! But how about this style wagon...to my eyes pure beauty....
  15. Power to the Socks !! A Firebird is sexier but an Explorer probably rocks harder...just trying to be helpful.....
  16. Lots of Nordic blondes hit on wealthy men...it all sounds a bit commercial to me.
  17. Thankyou Owl for an inspiring story...if I may step in parallel for a moment...I saw a demonstration of Lifesaver Newfoundland Dogs in Whitstable Bay on the Thames Estuary during a Harbour Day. Oh and also some Stunt Kayakers...but that's another story...
  18. No sympathy for this person...he has poor oratory skills...low self confidence...immaturity...more useless degrees than you can shake a stick at...resulting in an overbearing manner. I would express my opinion by gently pelting him with ripe tomatoes and other selected vegetables.
  19. I guess not a Joe Pass Emperor....lol....!
  20. I agree Lashurst, this guy is a real musician. Puts me in mind of my favourite thoughtful player...Joe Satriani...wide knowledge of music...channeled emotion...great time...great hair(sic)...and above all, He Is Doing It Sitting Down.
  21. These are really nice looking guitars I first became aware of about 15yrs ago. I saw one in my local store which was fully hollow and very tempting but I couldn't afford it at the time...it has a look about it similar to the Pat Martino signature. The next one I saw had been 'upgraded' with the addition of a centre block. I really like this type of slimline semi with a tailpiece and florentine cutout also echoing the Byrdland. My Galaxy (see pic) with a stop tailpiece is an interpretation of the 335 but with a florentine lower cutout which is unique and looks better the more you look at it! With in-house wound pickups and small production UK build it is a bit exclusive and with coil taps can just about play in any style. Interested to know if yours is fully hollow.....
  22. Yes older Nitro if stressed can check badly, I think the modern mixes are more sophisticated/flexible. Drool on this 21st century Moggie-a-like with a Guzzi engine...still in production I believe although tres exclusive.
  23. The originals were awful bar pickups so I got my tech to make a new scratchplate to fit 3 Strat pickups...it is now a surreal guitar : compact SG feel with a slightly chunky neck and strat biting tones....good to step outside the box once in a while....
  24. This is why people wear body armour and crash helmets.....just in case.....
  25. This checking is caused by poor formulation lacquer/varnish, usually synthetic polyurethane etc. Nitrocellulose is a more 'natural' finish with more 'give' and flexibilty to move with temp changes etc. To age a finish you need patience...but if you have no patience try the H G Wells technique : place said guitar in Time Machine and remotely crank handle forward 30+ years, being very careful not to crank yourself forward 30+ years or you will be aged in parallel......
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