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  1. I used to use the Russian EHX Muff which was quite a raspy fuzz...replacing it with the Big Muff Pi which I prefer(it's also more shiny). I also have a Double Muff which has fewer adjustments but permits large amounts of gain/fuzz. There are also some really cheap stomp pedals from Behringer...I have a 'Heavy Metal' one which has selective EQ scoop etc which is great fun to experiment with. Beware...fuzz can be addictive...if you know what I mean.......
  2. If you fancy doing the job yourself it's generally a case of comparing the fretted string note with the pure 'harmonic' note over the 12th fret. The bridge saddles can lengthen or shorten each string by a few mm's...if the fretted note is higher than the harmonic note, lengthen the string by screwing the saddle adjuster out...if the fretted note is lower than the harmonic note, shorten the string by screwing the saddle adjuster in. Use an electronic tuner for all comparisons as the ear can get confused and 'never satisfied' by what it hears naturally. Once the intonation is adjusted it's time to practice correct facial expressions for 'high fret' playing...
  3. Yes I bet they do...most star guitarists are really knowledgeable and enthusiastic...
  4. In many ways they are all best options and it would be a dream to own one or more of each !! For sexy looks I go for the Firebird, echoing the halcyon 50's American car era. For easy handling and great HB sounds the SG. The ES series are a great link between archtop semis and later solids...being good at everything from Clapton/BB King blues to pop to jazz fusion to rock, even punk with the wild Tom deLonge. To my taste the Les Paul is a great guitar, a bit heavy and everybody's got one...I like the Junior for it's easy handling and fun factor...so many guitars...so little time !!
  5. I have 2 Godins...a Redline I with a single bridge active EMG and a 5th Avenue Kingpin with single neck P90. They are both solidly built and have a quality feel about them and a reasonably priced alternative to USA or Oriental guitars. The 5th Avenue is great fun to play and lightweight with a smallish body...I like it's simplicity and 50's vibe, great for raunchy blues and rockabilly. The Redline is another ultra simple guitar: it's only got a volume pot and the active EMG encourages high gain sustain and power chord fun...nicely contoured body and handling brings out the shredder in me !!
  6. Ah the quest for tone...I seem to have fallen in love with P90's recently for some reason...looking at pictures of BB King, Chuck Berry, Grant Green, Herb Ellis, Beatles etc. For me the thing about P90's is their 'crude' sound, they punch out well and can sound really aggressive but also subtle in the right hands. Solid or Semi is another key factor...the solids sound great for ska/reggae chord stabs, crossing over to semis for rockabilly, country, rock'n roll etc. It's interesting to hear the Fender Jazzmaster compared to the Strat...each superb in different ways. I have a Les Paul Junior with single bridge P90 which is surprisingly compressed when overdriven and belies it's 'simple' format...sounding great for sustained lead lines. It's all about personal preference...ideally we would have several guitars for variety and inspiration...sometimes I have Strat days and sometimes HB days and very occasionally accoustic days!! Vive la Difference !!
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