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  1. Very interesting..... That mid 60's period when popular music was being re-defined almost weekly An intoxicating outpouring of creativity....and some mega-talented guitarists to boot....:blink: Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Pop and Psychedelia.... V
  2. Slightly off piste….. The wonderful Gibson ES330 is USA made and nitro finished..... V
  3. Interesting no one appears to know the very positive UK meaning of 'skank'..... Derived from 'ska', the precursor to reggae.... Off-beat choppy up strums on the 'and' after the down beat..... Infectious and tres danceable Madness, Bad Manners, The Beat, The Police et al..... Personally have long nails for nylon strings With additional thumb and finger pick for steel strings..... Mrs V and I jointly fight off the more determined female fans..... V
  4. The single P90 LP Junior is, as many would agree, a minimalist work of genius..... Many folks would say leave as is..... Personal experience with dogear and soapbar P90's indicates they are both perfect in their own way A dogear P90 can be shimmed a la Casino/ES330 if so desired.... Be Happy.....Be Dirty.... V
  5. Crop it and Photoshop it..... It is then known as 'Art' V
  6. These guitars look very similar to certain Peerless Korean D'Aquisto inspired archtops..... They are very well made and competitively priced..... V
  7. A few random thoughts on a very interesting topic.... Tenor guitars are quite a specialist thing....one acoustic group/circuit may never have seen one : another may have several in it's players' number.... A Gibson of this vintage may require renovation or some attention to maintain.... Violinists, mandolinists, tenor banjo-ists, ukulele-ists et al can all have fun with a tenor guitar in their 'quiver'.....:blink: Personal collection includes 2 cheap but solid Romanian tenors....they hardly ever get played for some reason... Currently prefer either a tenor banjo for jigs/reels......or a plectrum banjo for vocal accompaniment.... Enjoy the chase....!! V
  8. Epi Casinos have been available at various specifications over many years... From the original '60's USA built to the cheap MIC versions via the MIK (Peerless) up to the MIJ Elitist ones Forgetting not the sublime USA build Gibson ES330.... Happy Hunting.... V
  9. SG's are a wonderful thing.... This hairline crack looks like a structural weakness rather than a cosmetic glitch... As suggested... there are cheaper and better instruments on offer Wagering an Epiphone would not have that issue....and 2 or 3 for that price.... V
  10. In the UK there is the wonderful NHS to assist with eyesight and hearing issues..... There is a trend to offer both services in one building on high street locations... I availed myself over the last 2 years after a routine eye test The offer of a free hearing aid seemed attractive....although my only problem is conversation in noisy music bar environments A basic range of aids are offered free to the over 65's (typical retirement age) with 'batteries for life' included More sophisticated 'in ear' digital aids come in at $1000 + Siemens seem to be the industry standard....mine work OK and were adjusted and EQ'd on collection Also took advantage of a pair of personal moulds for earplugs for motorcycling....similar technology being offered for musicians' ear defenders..... V
  11. The most important thing is.... It's not a Gibson..... Looking forward to a 'Review by Robin'...…:blink: V
  12. George Harrison...… Master of taste Perfect man for The Beatles Great solo artist Thinker and Philosopher Fund Raiser Mover in the establishment of East-West fusion in music and awareness..... Big thankyou from Chez V V
  13. Excellent and very original..... If you dig this Check out Bill Frisell…. V
  14. Wishing Peter Frampton all the best..... IMO problems of this nature are lurking for countless musicians as they reach 'a certain age' Hope he shares experience to add to the knowledge base for any future sufferers..... He is still playing and recording at top level Long may that continue..... V
  15. Apropos of something or other..... My favourite name for a bot Ophelia V
  16. While Mrs V sleeps.... Anna creeps.... Into my dreams of passion unbounded.... Sometimes cool....sometimes hot.... Please reassure me.... She is not.... A bot..... V
  17. Hi and welcome to the forums..... There are many excellent books and Wikipedia type features on the subject of archtops A stroll around the interweb will reveal many such leads.... Happy Hunting....!! PS There are specific books written about the Gibson ES175 and L5...… V
  18. Hi and welcome to the forums.... 2 main types of P90 in general use..... 'Dog Ear' which look uncannily like Dog Ears.....usually screwed in to the guitar top and only adjustable by individual pole piece 'Soap Bar' which look uncannily like bars of soap....usually mounted in a screw adjustable mount slightly deeper in the guitar top Perhaps check with your vendor or take to a shop for advice if unsure Enjoy..... V PS Looking at the Gibson site at '57 Reissue LP Special....soapbar P90's are fitted and should have adjustment both up and down assuming there is enough available height either way...….
  19. ES175's have a big following amongst the 'cognoscenti'...… Players like Herb Ellis and Jim Hall helped things along.... Personal journey included a 90's ES165 which had a lot of promise but in the end did not gel for moi…. Had much more 'versatile' enjoyment with an ES137.....IMO a work of genius on Gibson's part.... V
  20. You forgot the ES330.....one of the best.....:blink: V
  21. Great post.....!! The open mic scene in the UK is thriving and important for performers of all persuasions and abilities Music, singing, stand-up comedy and poetry can be included in a sociable event The host or hosts contribute to the general good feelings and confidence of everybody..... Some hosts work for free....others for payment..... Some very successful artists started out in open mic environments.... David Bowie....Ed Sheeran.....and countless more..... V
  22. Hi Scott and a warm welcome to you.... Ex Ovation 12 -er here too Interested to hear your choice of amps for your 'jazz quiver' V
  23. From decades of experience I now believe that many 12 string issues just have to be lived with.... I spend as little time as possible retuning in mid-set....occasionally playing slightly out of tune as a result.... A mandolin misbehaves in some similar ways As does a bouzouki : they come in both 'unison' tuning of the 4 courses and 'octave' tuning of the lower 2 courses..... The beauty of double string courses is to be cherished Whilst living with and minimising their inherent foibles and limitations.... V
  24. Excellent post..... And essential viewing for all budding songwriters.... Insight into the creative process....:blink: V
  25. Welcome to the world of 12 string shenanigans..... Expected issues with the lower octave doubles.....and not disappointed.....:blink: More surprise with the 2 unison 1st and 2nd's....particularly the B's..... Problems much worse with my preferred drop C# and C tunings..... Do most songs in 'open' position in an attempt to minimise tuning issues....yet still have them....including 'ear vs electronic tuner' disparities.... Tried many capo's....Dunlop, Shubb etc Now often use a Thalia....very expensive, beautifully crafted, with a special thick '12 string' rubber insert Or grab a Dunlop aluminium 6 string capo which works 95% as well.... V
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