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  1. I've been re-appraising over the last year or so and have included more 'bare fingerstyle' playing in my set.... Resulting in the acquisition of IMO 2 superb Taylor nylon stringers.....a 200 and a 400 series V
  2. Thankyou for your enquiry..... As proven by the typing of this reply.....I am indeed here and in good 'fettle'...... Enjoying regular visits to the forum and posting when moved so to do..... Have a good day.... V
  3. My philosophy for some years has been to go for variety.... Much to the consternation of friends and Mrs V So I go for guitars that play and sound good....without the cache of big names.....usually low-medium price..... Meaning that $5000 could finance 4 to 5 work horses.....:blink: This advice is given with due diligence (space permitting)..... Hope it helps.... V
  4. I like the original pickups on my Firebird V....... On my 'other' Firebird I have a Seymour Duncan SM-2 which I like a lot.....it has coil-tap too..... So I would recommend looking at what SD has to offer : he has done a lot of development work in this area.... V
  5. I have faffed with soundhole acoustic mics for a long time until the more recent sophisticated under-bridge and pre-amp technology..... I don't own one of these SD's....but can report that on hearing the best tone ever through an indifferent PA....I quizzed the musician and he confirmed it was one of these loaded into a vintage Guild with no special fx or anything..... Hope this helps... V
  6. Gibson ES150......one of the first viable electric guitars..... Charlie Christian.....one of the first viable electric guitarists..... V
  7. Great story and evidence of some fine folks working in 'shops'...... One of the most unfortunate aspects of modern retail is the demise of many local, small, knowledgeable and friendly music shops Places where some iconic artists used to hang out, play, teach, drink coffee and almost never actually buy anything...... After my 70's Ovation Breadwinner became unreliable electrically....my safe step was to exchange it for a cherry SG..... Later on acquiring a Gordon Smith type SG and a Gibson SG3 single coiler..... One of the great creations in electric music..... Enjoy..... Big Time..... V
  8. Versatile

    ES 137 case?

    The ES137 comes mid-way between a slimline ES335 and a full hollow ES175..... Therefore trial and error will be required in any alternative case search Personally I would explore the many excellent padded semi rigid acoustic guitar gig bags.....they often have excellent neck support..... The ES137 is a heavy guitar so light transportation would be eased And the dust would be minimised..... V
  9. So many good acoustics available nowadays.....:blink: Taylors are very popular on our local acoustic circuit....for good reasons..... Available at all price points.....IMO showing genuine creative design thinking Personal 'quiver' includes a 300 series 12 string, a 400 series nylon stringer and a T5......the latter being IMO a superb realisation of an electro acoustic which can venture into pure electric territory with ease..... The unique bolt-on neck jointing really works and can easily address issues which creep in as an instrument settles in the early years..... The inherent brightness of tone across the range lends itself to finger style V
  10. 'The Gibson ES175.....It's History and Players'......Adrian Ingram Makes for interesting and enjoyable reading V
  11. I've fancied the idea of a 'new' monkey on a stick pickup for a while....... All the retro-fit pickups for acoustic archtops I've ever seen have involved drilling/screwing into the neck or top The idea of a self-contained clamp-on pickup attached to the strings behind the bridge is very appealing I have a nice Eastman acoustic archtop just waiting to be so favoured..... V
  12. IMO there is a growing market for this type of retro style..... A 'monkey on a stick' pickup would do nicely too..... V
  13. I had a bad scare about 5 years ago....carrying shopping bags from shop to car in cold weather....my fret thumb and forefinger locked in a spasm which took a week of nurturing and gradual flexing to get back working.....:blink: Major rescheduling of practice and gig durations Gloves worn every whiff of cold weather Personally very anti pain killers and such My doctor's prescribed Ibuprofen cream remains unopened..... Menthol 'Deep Heat' cream can effectively warm the hand tissues V
  14. Soon to enjoy a 'Chez V' speciality...... A glass of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon..... Mini popadums Pastry wrapped chicken pasties Fried rice with soy sauce Dessert yet to be decided.....:blink: V PS.....If music be the food of love......
  15. Some Marine Band and Suzuki Pro master harps.... A bottle of Laphroaig A Christmas Eve bike ride V
  16. Many/most musician folks of a certain age :blink: experience some form of hand 'challenge'....... Tendonitis, carpal tunnel, RSI, arthritis etc etc Guitarists, violinists, flautists, pianists, accordionists..... I have been down to 8's on electric, but reverted to 9's for intonation reasons I read that Billy Gibbons used heavier strings until he spoke with BB King...... Another maybe obvious strategy is to keep a mental note of playing/practice times and perceived problems with pain or discomfort Warm the hands thoroughly before playing Consider hand massage from a physiotherapist.....some sports massage oils are very effective..... Caution with taking pain killers Good Luck....!! V
  17. A fabulous atmospheric location...... Only David Gilmour could carry this off...... He also played some steel guitar during this concert..... V
  18. A gentleman walks in to a pub and orders a stiff one...... V
  19. A wise man once said that to play jazz one needs a thorough grounding in and understanding of the blues..... Jazz is a huge church and can be overwhelming and incredibly stimulating all at once Here's a few names to conjure with.....:blink: Bill Broonzy Louis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald Count Basie Joe Zawinul Miles Davis John McLaughlin Dudley Moore Buddy Rich John Scofield Dennis Chambers Stan Getz Stephane Grappelli Django Reinhardt Dave Brubeck Paul Desmond Sidney Bechet Benny Goodman Charlie Christian Wes Montgomery Pat Martino Joey de Francesco Jimmy Smith Jack de Johnette Billy Cobham et al V
  20. One issue which can impinge on the general harmony of a group..... Hearing loss as one approaches 'maturity'...... Drummers by definition are vulnerable to hearing damage as the years progress As are bass (particularly electric) players Therefore either (and everybody else of course) can be to blame for wishing the volume turned up.....:blink: A dB meter can be invaluable and 'proof' of what is going on..... Monitors are worth the extra effort in rehearsals V
  21. A serious subject which has been aired several times hereon...... IMO a lot of it kicked off big time in the 60's with The Who/Hendrix/Cream/Purple/Led Zep and many more going for huge sustain and blast from their 8x12 stacks...... Add on work machinery, racing cars, motorbikes, headphones etc and the stage is set for tinnitus, hyperacusis and general aural unhappiness.....:blink: Drummers, bagpipers and orchestral musicians have always been vulnerable to hearing issues The trouble is when one is inebriated and enjoying some loud music It is not the time to spoil the party V
  22. Hi and welcome to the forums..... Instrument repair is a highly skilled operation and can make a great career..... My local wind technician handles all brass and woodwind instruments : trumpets to tubas, flutes to oboes..... Adding in string work, guitars etc can broaden the pallet somewhat..... V
  23. I recently sold my Epi Tom DeLonge.....which was sort of an ES333.....:unsure: It had a coil tapped Dirty Finger which worked quite well..... ES'z are wonderful things..... Currently having great times with an ES330 (Casino type) and ES225..... Bright and very cheerful..... V
  24. I would love the capo.....but it would be too expensive to send to the UK..... 'Midnight Special' a la Leadbelly would do nicely..... V
  25. It is very annoying to be in a shop ogling some guitar or several..... Then some salesman, probably late teens, casually plays 'everything' over a few minutes demo.....:blink: Thank goodness for online shopping.... V
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