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  1. Welcome to the forums P McN....... Enjoying Kendal Mint Cake at this moment in time...... V
  2. Yes to P90's.....available from many P/U makers....and also as 'soap bars' which are easier to fit in some situations Seymour Duncan are very well versed in mini humbuckers and can offer various outputs to suit different requirements There are a huge number of alternatives Blues rock was handled very well by Johnny Winter and his mini-hum equipped Firebird.....:blink: The ES325 is a hollow guitar....therefore if moving away from mini-hums to P90's veers towards ES330 and ES225 territory..... Playing at home at low volumes is different to stage volumes V
  3. Very interesting...... So are we to believe a wound 2nd was installed as a substitute for a wound 3rd....? And do we know the gauge....? V
  4. Versatile

    Es 137

    The ES137 is/was a superb guitar..... Important to hold and play.....it is quite heavy.... It is a 'semi'....not a full hollow Go for it.... Or consider a 335, 330 or 225 V
  5. Welcome to the forums.....nice collection..... Similar love here for LP Juniors single and double cut, P90 and H/B loaded.... Nighthawk also.....not quite Blueshawk..... V
  6. Remember y'all that the guitar case will take up the odour in it's deep plush lining..... So a bit of 'open lid' time and a scented wipe 'n dry could well be the answer to your problem.... V
  7. IMO the ES330 and Epi Casino are very versatile instruments with a big fan base due to their association with much 60's music..... Personal experience with both guitars..... Laney VC30 2x12 combo......just imagine a Vox AC30 and you are in Beatles/Stones/Kinks territory..... Various Marshall Valvestates.....very easy amps to get on with....clean and with excellent drive channels when required Fender Deluxe VM.....45w combo with built in chorus and delay......typical Fender clean sounds with Dfx built in..... Roland Cubes from battery powered busking amps up to 80w combo.....IMO one of the best transistor amps around.....with character, superb clean sounds and meaty chorus and delay on tap... V
  8. This can be a moot point for owners of n-c finished guitars Some would like their guitar(s) check-free for ever Others like to see a characterful presence akin to 'road ageing' or 'distressing' sooner rather than later...... Gigged guitars subject to occasional indifferent storage and transport conditions may check quite early on V
  9. I like Wooly Bully a lot..... Songs like that with meaningless lyrics are perfect to sing with abandon at alcohol fuelled parties etc.....:blink: Some of my and Mrs V's all-time best/worst songs..... What did Delaware Boy ? Shrimp Boats Shaddap a Ya Face.... V
  10. Welcome to the forums apoc......Cardiff and all of Wales is a beautiful area..... When you have accumulated some more posts, you might care to post a pic or several of your Epi V
  11. I like Emmylou Harris a lot for her sweet voice and stage presence Her cover of Gram's 'Luxury Liner' is a terrific platform for Albert Lee to do some wonderful hot country improvisation.... Other than that I can't think of any Gram stuff to write home about.....purely personal opinion....I find 'Love Hurts' a bit maudlin..... His friendship with Keith Richards may have given the world some special music....listening to the Stones' Mick Taylor era : early 70's, there is a pleasant country/rock vibe therein.... Then there are the photo shoots and 'Nudie' suits...... V
  12. Very interesting m-e, thankyou for sharing..... In many circles PRS are regarded as the crème de la crème for good reasons... They also have their MIK range which has drawn praise for quality and value Some years ago I owned a Patrick Eggle.....his 'Berlin' range had some visual similarities to PRS and was highly rated at the time..... V
  13. Reminds me a bit of Garth Brooks......or maybe it's the relentless hats...... The Wurzels have owned the Southwest of England since the late 60's..... V
  14. Further to earlier post....... My 'go to' 12 at the moment is my profile avatar Breedlove.....well built, large body with stylish headstock and good electrics The opposite end was a Yamaha APX.....smallish, shallow body with excellent electrics....narrower neck than most, good for strumming....less so for finger style.....very popular on the live circuit. Had to be rebuilt due to neck bend even when down tuned with light gauge strings.....:blink: The Taylor bolt-on neck tech is a life saver.....had my Taylor 12 re-shimmed and it has been stable ever since (down-tuned to C ).....a beautiful, bright instrument which is ageing nicely..... It is logical and sensible to have more than one 12 string...... V PS The post avatar is a low end Fender 12 which, with a Baggs pickup punches way above expectations.....
  15. Welcome to the scary world of 12 strings..... As mentioned, tuning and neck stability issues come to the fore.....:blink: But they are special instruments.....being rare on the live circuit, they command attention and can sound amazing.... Some players use them as a novelty for a few tunes....others strum them for a whole set Others play finger style a la Leadbelly and Gary Davis Some excellent choices available Personal journey has included Yamaha....Takamine....Breedlove....Taylor....Crafter....Ovation....Eko....Fender..... Heard good things about Guild and Gibson 12 strings I gig with a Breedlove, Fender and Taylor 354.....all sound great through a decent PA..... Concert pitch can be hard on the fingers and strain the neck Down tuning to C# or C relieves the neck but introduces tuning and capo issues I like having one or more low end 12's like the Fender and Takamine G Series....plus a med/high end Taylor Suggest easing in to the 12 string way of life : the low entry level guitars available (including Epiphone) are excellent and can be had for around £400 V
  16. Yes I've seen one of those pics..... At the time, the Jazzmaster was offered as a premium guitar above the Stratocaster.....:blink: V
  17. Hi t-b-t and welcome to the forums...... It does appear that this Riviera is a semi solid, so therefore should be less feedback prone than a hollow Bearing in mind rockabilly players often play hollow bodies loud and clear.....:blink: Feedback can be minimised in a variety of ways Being aware of standing in the best place relative to the amp.....(are any monitors used?) Banded EQ's and notch filters can effectively remove troublesome frequencies Pickup selection and guitar tone/volume settings all play a part V
  18. Rhetorical question...... Who has got 'Lola' on the stereo right now...? V
  19. As Mrs V is wont to say.....there is a spectrum of political correctness......:blink: This is why the world needs comedians and poets To reassure everyone that there are a few sane people left..... V
  20. Greetings Mr D and welcome to the forums...... If you care to post a pic of your Firebird we may be able to assist in verifying it's provenance..... V
  21. It is fair to say that no one can touch this series for quality and imaginative production...... So proud to know it is a UK programme Educational and entertaining..... Personally I've been brought to tears (and Mrs V too) by the reports of sea creatures injured and worse by plastic detritus The suffering of turtles is particularly upsetting David A has had such a fantastic career in TV over several decades..... V
  22. For those righteous folks who wish to 'beat the profanity police' There is an effective remedy D!ck looks very close to the abbreviated Richard And elicits a snigger from most normal people who like to beat the system every once in a while..... V
  23. Hi and welcome to the forums..... P90's are fitted on various guitars, Gibson and other makes.... Personally never had an issue with vibration 'creep' upwards or downwards Guitars are very individual in their inherent propensity to vibrate at certain frequencies.....:blink: My hollow P90 guitars have fixed pickups so remain at a fixed height regardless The adjustment screws could theoretically be 'Loctited' in place.....but probably not advisable for ease of future adjustment V
  24. Great to see Jimmy Page sharing his wisdom (hard earned) to young folks..... Indicates the hard work and commitment needed to make it in the music business 'Making your own luck' has never been more appropriate The grounding in session work allied to the desire to perform to the public And meeting Robert Plant at just the right moment V
  25. Hi and welcome to the forums..... Interesting questions.... Can't help with the more specific neck profile enquiries....purely personal....they don't interest me : I take a guitar at face value and adapt to a variety of designs and set-ups.... Historically the ES225 was the direct predecessor to the ES330... IMO they are both fine guitars with different ergonomics The ES225 IMO has quite a 'fat neck' and fills the palm quite substantially more than the ES330 That is OK....they both play and sound excellent to my taste..... The ES225, with it's combination tailpiece/bridge has more of a vintage mojo and less adjustability than the ES330 The ES225 reissue has underwound P90's which IMO give a smoother less aggressive tone which some would prefer.... Enjoy the chase..... V
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