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  1. I guess that just proves the point of physical preference...I seem get more fatigued on 50's necks. Muscle memory has to definitely play a role along with thumb placement.
  2. Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120...Solid state but awesome cleans and the lushest Chorus on the planet.
  3. To me it really depends on the general style of music or particular song your playing...I find the 50's necks easier for technical picking and slower solos that demand clear articulation. For fast runs etc; I go to the slim-T 60's. I'm probably more comfortable with this because I have average sized hands and finger length. I would logically assume larger hands with find more comfort and less fatigue with a 50's chunker and on the contrary, smaller hands would like the feel of the slim taper. Prefered string gauge is going to be a factor as well.
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