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  1. Actually, I agree with ya champ. I'll go back on my original statement and just state that P90's are great for either! Maybe versatile is the word I'm looking for. : )- Cheers
  2. P-90's generally aren't "quite dirty", but it depends on the setup/axe. They produce clean true sound of the guitar.
  3. Manhattan P-90's from Bare Knuckles
  4. 2007 LP Standard Double cutaway with PG-BLUES pickups. Tone out of this world
  5. Where did you buy yours? How much? What does the serial number start with on the back of the guitar?
  6. Two screen names, one IP address? Lol, must be why your posting privileges have been revoked.
  7. Thanks guys. Classy replies! I'll get some clips together and post an update here when I upload them.
  8. Just got this guitar a couple months ago and I'm still absolutely thrilled with it. It's a Gibson Les Paul Standard... but ordered with a Double Cutaway in black. Antique cream binding. Bare Knuckle "PG Blues" pickups are absolutely amazing.
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