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  1. Yeah, it's been a few years. I've been caught up in retirement, many projects, a little traveling, a little writing/recording, etc. My, how the time flies. I recognize some of the names here, some I don't. Hope everyone is hanging in there as best you can. Just thought I'd warn you--I'm back!!
  2. Are you saying that size really does matter?
  3. Currently 7 degrees and snowy here on the North Coast of Cleveburrrrrg.
  4. A Happy New Year to all here from the North Coast! Looking forward to a good year of new guitar acquisitions, some rebuilds of auction-acquired and project guitars, and all around guitar fun! Wishing the best to all of you for a prosperous, safe, healthy, and enjoyable 2018! Randy
  5. Worst flight was in a commuter plane from Philly to Connecticut (first time on that route). Right through the middle of a nasty thunderstorm. Turbulence was so bad that it caused me (a seasoned flight passenger) to believe I was actually going to die. I swear it felt like we lost a couple of hundred feet of altitude more than a couple of times. Spooky part was the guy across the aisle from me reading a newspaper the whole time like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Kind of like an episode of the Twilight Zone. That's the only flight I've ever white-knuckled the armrest. And I'v
  6. I ended up at this forum many years ago when looking for info on an oddball Les Paul I had acquired from a friend. It was kind of like a wild west town I was "just passing through" but decided to stay in after visiting the saloon. It included a lot of interesting people with a wealth of technical information and a wide diversity of opinions. I must admit that I kinda enjoyed (as a spectator) some of the mudslinging contests, and I actually got to know a few of the players a little bit. I tend to agree with Murph and the Dub-T on this one, though. Things change over time, and people/si
  7. Personally, I feel it is a waste of a perfectly good instrument that did not deserve to die that way. If any of you should feel the need to take out your deep-seated aggression on an innocent guitar, let me know and I would be more than happy to trade you a paper mache replica for your no-longer-loved guitar. Win-win! You can smash, and I can rescue.
  8. Now, see? That's why I like this forum. Lots of people that have been there before, giving some straight on advice on how to do certain things. I'm am amateur builder and beginning luthier and enjoy the tips and tricks some of these more experienced builders take the time to share. Granted, not everyone is into the mods and building techniques discussed here, but I for one am really appreciative of those who share their experiences for those of us who want to try something that we've never done. Good luck to you, and hope you're project comes out good and something you can be proud ofa
  9. And like the CapMan pointed out, thru-body necks should be the ultimate, so why don't they just make Les Pauls thru-neck (or do they, and just charge exorbitant prices for them)??
  10. Tenon schemon . . . if long tenons were better than short tenons, then why do they make short tenon guitars?? There simply cannot be that much difference in raw material and construction methods to make short tenons that much more economical to produce. You ain't gonna save so much money makin' short tenons over long that it would justify making long tenons so exclusive. I've worked with wood and have to go with Rabs on this. Does it make a difference? Maybe so, but if so, then make 'em all that way. Period. We're not talking about an Earl Scheib paint job here, we're talking about a li
  11. Lord have mercy! A championship finally comes to the North Coast after 52 years! I'm thirty miles from Cleveland and can here the noise of the celebration from here!
  12. As one addict to another-- My wife said something like that once. She doesn't anymore, though, since the day I walked out with a brand new Gibson Les Paul Studio. Any time I walk into a music store now, she's right behind me . I have to introduce her to the salespeople as "my financier." On the other hand, though, she now knows what to look for at garage sales (I schooled her). She came home with a Galveston Strat copy (Asian made?) from a garage sale one day. $20 for a Strat copy that has an ash body, straight maple neck, and superb electronics! I'm currently doing a fret redress o
  13. Just my two cents . . . I'm not quite sure of everyone's definition of "tone", but as far as aged wood goes, I can't help but think that aging does affect the resonance quality of the wood and that this may have some affect on string vibration, harmonic overtone development and sustain, etc. Having owned a Martin 12-string since 1971, I can say that the overall sound of the this guitar has changed and become "richer" over time. Is it possible that this could be evident in solid body electric guitars? Why not? The pickups translate the vibrations of the strings. If string vibrations are a
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