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  1. I have the "new" lifton historic case with only the one neck rest. Not the case shown here,
  2. I guess I'll look at TKL since they make a case for a Jr/Special... Model 8824 at a fraction of a historic case.
  3. yep, that's right. Seems like a no brainer Gibson.... Custom Shop's should have a case that is made for the guitar (or any manufacturer) ... ya I'm anal,,, but it's a pet peeve,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  4. I just purchased a Les Paul Custom Shop 1960 TV Yellow Special. The guitar is amazing. The case????? I don't get it, a $3,799 guitar comes with a case that doesn't fit?? I have to put a towel under it the dealer says. C'mon, yes the case is historic but can I get one that fits?
  5. NO. The standard control cavity back plates ordered from MF etc... wont fit. the holes are different. at least on 58 RI's
  6. Is it normal that the volume and tone knobs are really high on historics? It's like they aren't pushed down but seem to be, the bottom is like 3/8 inch off the body. Almost like they should have lampshades instead of normal top hats.
  7. 09_339

    2013 R8 or R9??

    I just got a Wildwood spec 1958.. nice flamey top and 2K less than a 59! sounds awesome http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/
  8. 09_339


    Howdy, New here... been a PRS guy for years but never found the sound... finally got an es-339 30/60 red... wow, amazing tone no matter what I'm playing but the classic rock and blues tone is way cool!. Anyone used one with a Xotic BB? Thinking of getting one of those..
  9. Anyone heard if Gibson is releasing the ES-339 at the NAMM show this week so they can be purchased anywhere instead of just the few select stores?
  10. 09_339

    ES-339 Buzz

    That was my first guess so I put a wafer of foam to see, It sounds like it's coming from under the top. Pickup lead resting against a spring or something. I guess I can try pulling pickups to see.
  11. 09_339

    ES-339 Buzz

    I have a new ES-339, when I play certain notes I get a resonate buzz that sounds metallic in nature. Kind of like the pickup mounting spring vibrating against something. I've tried pressing on pickups, bridge etc. to isolate but it appears to be something inside. Ideas?
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