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  1. YES YES YES ~ I do remember the PUPS blowing chunks, that's why he stripped the covers, but they aren't active. Think he paid something like $400 new ..SUCKER! ANYWAY that dilemma is possibly solved. I LUCKED OUT and popped into my local Guitar Center yesterday, not ONLY did I find a M3 hanging in the used gear section ( what are the odds?), but I found Lace Silver/Red duallys w/ black covers on clearance, and got the last two for $63 out the door .. a great buy because I also acquired a `07 Studio Paul recently that someone hacked PRS pickups into and haven't put it thru paces yet so they might go there .. still thinking about it .. but they'd line up GREAT in that too! I really gotta figure out the neck, it's a real issue ... The inlays started popping out LONG ago and most of them where replaced with some kind of wood .. so to go back with pearl on the others would look like ****. I have played scallops before.. but seeing how I can't just get a neck .. I'm not gonna attempt it myself. ... luckily, one of Yngwie's guys is a local ( his drummer is a friend of mine as well) so I guess that's the next call ... I LOVE the neck on this guitar, that's the only reason I'm toying with it, so whoever works it has to be top notch!
  2. I have one of these beasts as well and I'm having little to no luck finding any of the data. Mine was my brothers and it is a freakin MESS .. so I'm gonna bring it back to life.. it needs ALOT of care. any suggestions? I'm lookin for info on Pick-ups (what it has/ what would shred, can a neck be acquired or should I have this one re tooled as it's missing a few inlays (maybe just have it scalloped) I know they aren't worth much, it's more a sentimental thing then anything else. That and the neck plays like lighting! really want to make it a screamer so PLEASE .. any suggestions greatly appeciated! Posted pics on flicker ... ~MAC~
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