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  1. The U.K. version or the North American version? Personally, the British version is my favorite album of all time (I even love "What Goes On"). I do love the Capitol version as well, though. "I've Just Seen a Face" and "It's Only Love" work great on there as opposed to buried on side 2 of the British "Help!".
  2. Here's another one I thought of, Black Sabbath's "Changes", from the Vol. 4 album:
  3. The Song Remains the Same - Led Zeppelin
  4. Seinfeld never had an actual theme "song". It was just composed music bits. That said, it's really catchy for not having any lyrics or much of a melody. Seinfeld is my favorite show of all time, BTW.
  5. I've read that a 50th Anniversary White Album package is coming next year!
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