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  1. Well, fell victim to a cherry 2014 SGJ from SamAsh. Very cool guitar. Love it. I did not get any paperwork, so I was wondering what is the appropriate product for cleaning the body and for protection? The Gibson spray polish? Became concerned on the longevity of the finish.. Thanks glennc
  2. Hey there cody78, Well to ease my pain I purchased a 2014 SGJ. Sounds great, thick neck and lighter than a Squier Strat. At the price, for a real American made Gibson, it will do for a while. Thank you for the info as I now have more time and your information to begin an earnest search. First for funds and then a real Standard. Sure like the specs on the European Traditional, fat neck, 57's..... very cool mate! Take care Glenn
  3. Hello BigKahune, Looks like I am going to have to go with a used older model, not able to pay the extra money. The guitar was light and felt so good, didn't want to trade an ES-135 and cash for it. Still trying to come up with a plan!!!!! Now need to locate the appropriate years. glennc
  4. Good Day cody78, I don't know for sure, but it seems that the Traditionals are not offered in the US, bummer. Having a Epi 400 Pro which has a huge neck, I put on a leather fairly wide strap and there is no problem with the guitar staying in place. Now I have to figure which of the later SG standards have the maple fretboards....... Thanks again glennc
  5. Hello cody78, Thanks for the info! Did not know about the traditional SG, cool! Will go about trying to find some! Much appreciated!! glennc
  6. Hello to all, Hoping someone can refresh my memory. Several years ago, around the time the Jade Pearl Strats came out, I was looking at one. I also at the time tried a new (probable old stock), SG Standard that IIRC had a very substantial fat neck. It was wonderful and I now regret not having gotten it. Does anyone have an idea of what recent years they were produced without the slim neck? Thanks for any assistance, glennc
  7. Hello Mark, Maybe the problem isn't hydration. Other than the discoloration/dullness in several spots, it doesn't seem to show any other symptoms. Thanks for the idea! glennc
  8. Hello, I have signs of where it appears the wood has come away from the finish is a few spots. They seem duller. May try the steam shower. Thanks glennc
  9. Hello Riffster, Thank you for responding. It just has the f-hole and I was wondering if there was a special technique. Didn't think about using the distilled water!! glennc
  10. Hello, Want to know how to properly rehydrate/humidify an ES-175. Also how to tell how bad it is, if possible. Thanks for any assistance! glennc
  11. Hello rct, Thanks for your opinion and advice! Am considering.. glennc
  12. Howdy tweed2, Thanks for the response and necessary concerns. I am probably not going string through. Hoping the string spacing won't be a great problem. It'll be semi-cobbled. I will be able to intonate it when it's finished. Not much to lose!! I've seen bridges and pickups for under $50 on ebay, some way under. The members who post are helping with the figuring if it is worth the trouble. Want a pretty close to tele sound.. We'll see...... glennc
  13. Hello SV Stormy Monday Very cool! So I am not the only one!! Thanks, glennc
  14. Hello Parabar, I can understand your point. But I already have the full guitar and am not going to put it back to original. Hoping to get close enough. So thank you for your opinion! Seen Rondo instruments before, they are cool glennc
  15. Howdy, Have an Epiphone LP Jr., bolt on neck body. Want a telecaster and can't afford. So, what do you all think of the feasibility of putting a telecaster bridge and pickup on it? Any thoughts on what would be necessary? Any thoughts on how different it would sound from a telecaster? Thanks for any information and opinions! glennc
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