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  1. En Obregón, deseandole una muy feliz Navidad a todos qe disfruten los regalos y la compañía de todos sus seres mas queridos!!!

  2. si tienes una camara respetable y un lente respetable... no edites tus fotos!!!!! me caga

  3. enbuen pedoya no me acuerdo de tus numero ajjaano me gusta eso!

  4. feliz dia del musico a todos los buenos compañeros con los qe he compartido escenario o solamente de los mejores ratos!

  5. para todos los qe no fueron a ver a SKA-P y tenian la oportunidad,no saben de lo qe se perdieron..... fue mejor de lo qe soñaba verlos en vivo!


  7. thanks everyone, right now im looking for the VOX amp but i also saw a Fender frontline 25, I've already tested it with a friend of mine, that is a great guitar player by the way, and told me it would do and its about $120-$130, right now Im just learning how to play without amp and also getting some money from other sax gigs a have...
  8. heey thanks man...so do you think I should spend on this guitar ?
  9. Hi, I just bought this strat like epi from some guy in Mexico, I've researched(and with a little help from other members =P) I now it was made in august of 98 in korea, but what I want to know now is from experienced guitar players, I read in some other pages and they all say this is a good starters guitar( which I am) but I want to know if it need more mods if I later on want to keep on playing it or if I should change for a new better guitar, what parts would be better if I changed and all that sort of things thanks
  10. hey man thanks for being that nice, sorry for not answering sooner but I'm at college right now and it's been a little hectic... you almost got that story right, i saw it announced on a newspaper and went to some dude's random house, it was really sketchy hood and wasn't sure if the post was real but then it turned put to be a nice guy whose kid didn't really want to learn guitar so kinda lucky for me...
  11. Hi,I have an S310 and I dont know how to trace the year it was made the serial number is JI98080030... I boought to some guy in mexico for $80 and i would really like how much it costs and everything, but i haven't been able to find out the year. Can someone help me?
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