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  1. If you email Gibson Customer Service with your questions they will help.
  2. See my update from 2015. I didn’t use the JR / Special case, Those models don’t have carved tops. I used the case made for a LP Less Plus model, it’s the same size/shape as the 2014 LPMM. Both have carved tops. Perfect fit. 👍
  3. The horror! Nothing to be done but cut up that pos and throw it out.
  4. Thank you! L - R ES-137 Classic, ES-335 Figured, ES-339 Figured.
  5. My 137 Classic is the best guitar I've ever played. I didn't like the 498T bridge pickup so I put a 57 Classic in, which was a perfect fit for it. If you buy that 137 you won't regret it. And as @gampadoug commented, mine was also typical Gibson (IME), "absolutely perfect in every detail and quite beautiful!"
  6. eldorado2001


    Lightburst. I went to my local dealer to buy a new SG Standard but saw the 137, played it, and it was no contest. A few years later I replaced the bridge pickup with a 57 Classic, it made it even better.
  7. Another vote for black top hats.
  8. eldorado2001


    HNGD! My ES137 Classic is the best guitar I've ever played.
  9. Hi

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

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  10. ...and not only that...my brother Jake and Little Emil and...sixty tailors!
  11. +1 I would only add that a lot of the local original music I've heard isn't exactly remarkable.
  12. eldorado2001


    HNGD! That's an unusual 137 Classic, with a Varitone.
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