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  1. Gorgeous 330! Congratulations and belated HNGD!
  2. The very reason I went wireless, I was constantly stepping on my cable & concerned that it would eventually cause damage to a guitar.
  3. Pass on it, there are plenty of real SGs, Gibson and Epiphone models.
  4. That’s a good looking 325. Did you ask the seller what’s up with the odd square area?
  5. Totally agree, I also have both, and would have said the same as you did.
  6. If you email Gibson Customer Service with your questions they will help.
  7. See my update from 2015. I didn’t use the JR / Special case, Those models don’t have carved tops. I used the case made for a LP Less Plus model, it’s the same size/shape as the 2014 LPMM. Both have carved tops. Perfect fit. 👍
  8. The horror! Nothing to be done but cut up that pos and throw it out.
  9. Thank you! L - R ES-137 Classic, ES-335 Figured, ES-339 Figured.
  10. My 137 Classic is the best guitar I've ever played. I didn't like the 498T bridge pickup so I put a 57 Classic in, which was a perfect fit for it. If you buy that 137 you won't regret it. And as @gampadoug commented, mine was also typical Gibson (IME), "absolutely perfect in every detail and quite beautiful!"
  11. eldorado2001


    Lightburst. I went to my local dealer to buy a new SG Standard but saw the 137, played it, and it was no contest. A few years later I replaced the bridge pickup with a 57 Classic, it made it even better.
  12. Another vote for black top hats.
  13. eldorado2001


    HNGD! My ES137 Classic is the best guitar I've ever played.
  14. ...and not only that...my brother Jake and Little Emil and...sixty tailors!
  15. +1 I would only add that a lot of the local original music I've heard isn't exactly remarkable.
  16. eldorado2001


    HNGD! That's an unusual 137 Classic, with a Varitone.
  17. I quit cigs in 1980, and gave up weed a few weeks ago. I'm amazed at how much better I feel since quitting pot.
  18. Wth is the problem here? Good grief, a guitar is played using both hands. Just don't let go of the damn thing and it will be fine. Is SG neck dive a deal breaker? Do you play it or do you just walk around with it hanging loose? I guarantee that if I let go of the neck of any of my SGs it will head for the floor, so I don't let go of it. If you let go of the forearm stock of a rifle or shotgun the barrel will dive, too. Do you shoot with one hand?
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