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  1. Mid 60s Epiphone Coronet for me I think! Hard though. I do love my 1968 Casino very much.
  2. Online. They'd been sold out for months but Sweetwater and a couple of other stores randomly got one or two in last month. I was bummed to missed out the first time so glad to get one on this pass.
  3. It was the only one out of the 50's reissues that didn't have Gibson minis but It sounds really great! I guess that was why it was $500 instead of $800. I was going to switch out the pickups immediately but they are actually pretty awesome. Feel wise the neck is really quick, and slim. Not as slim as my 68 Epiphone Casino (the ones they call toothpick necks but for me the best neck on any guitar I own) but not as fat as my Firebird's "60's slim taper" neck (and obviously nowhere near the size of my Jr's "Baseball Bat" neck). The guitar is super light but resonates really well. I'm also surprised that the trem is actually really solid and usable. Weight and neck wise it basically feels like a nice SG. Pickups are not as chunky as P90s or PAFs. Bit less bassy but really "tight" sounding (I mean that as a plus). Hard case is awesome too. I used to have the Epiphone Wilshire reissue without the Tremotone and this is definitely a step or two above that. For the price it's a bargain. It's almost on a par with my non reverse Firebird studio which cost more than twice as much. Upgrades wise I'm about to switch the plastic nut for a proper one plus probably roller bridge, pickups and wiring. It sounds awesome but I want to push it over the edge!
  4. That would be amazing! I need a live backup for my Jr and a silver fox Coronet be perfect! I mean they are basically the same guitar. I can see this being another $500 guitar like the Crestwood. I mean, it's just 1 P90 on there! Very basic guitar. Then again the "list" on my custom shop Jr was almost $4k (not what I paid I can assure you!!). I was amazed at how cheap this Crestwood was with hard case. Bit of a bargain.
  5. That looks awesome! Hope they do a run in "Silver Fox"!!! Looks like they got the batwing and tuners right on this reissue, I bought one of the cheap worn cherry Wilshire reissues and it was okay, but the batwing was too fat compared to a vintage headstock + I wish it had the cream button tuners etc...
  6. That looks incredible! I really really want one of these. I just bought a 1968 Casino though! Gah! I will probably get the white version. Where did you guys see about the Coronet reissue????????
  7. I don't know but if you look online, American Musical, Guitar Center and most other stores have already sold out. Musicians Friend says it's getting more on January 12th. That would say to me that they are scarce.
  8. Yes it is limited to 400. That's why I bought it straight away.
  9. Hi I just got mine yesterday and the finish is perfect! This guitar is amazing! I'd watched that video too adn had read a review on Musicians Friend where they said the finish was terrible, but this one is pristine! Love it!
  10. Yeah this fretboard barely even has any grain to it! It's awesome! Super super smooth and glossy...
  11. Hey guys, I just traded at a guitar show for a 2003 cherry red Faded SG Special and I have a couple of questions... 1. It's not very faded, in fact it's super shiny I guess because it's obviously been played at shows A LOT and has been buffed up from natural use. Is this common? Pretty awesome if so as I have one of those "Aged" Epiphone Wilshire and I'd noticed it was starting to get buffed up... 2. It has an Ebony Fretboard and a bone nut. Now obviously the bone nut has been added, but are the ebony Fretboards fairly common? I haven't ever seen another on these... Thanks! Kris
  12. Hi guys, I'm new here and have just bought a VOS Les Paul Jr. (Double Cut Away)in TV White and was wondering... Obviously I'd heard of and seen many double cut TV Yellow LP Jr's but I've never come a across a TV White one. Was this invented for the reissue or was this an actual colour produced before or after the TV Yellow one in the late 50's / early 60's? I was wondering if the produced this, then realised the was too much glare from studio lights (as has been mentioned wit other models) and produced the classic yellow model. Thanks in advance for any info! Kris
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