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  1. It is with great sadness that i request your assistance as I am trying to locate a Black 2005 Gibson SG serial number 00055306 that my brother sold to Cash Converters at Kilkenny SA earlier this year. My brother was tragically killed in a hit run accident last thursday night. He loved this guitar very much as it was a gift to him from me whilst he was playing in our band for the last 4 years. I would like to recover the SG to keep in the family to maintain his memory and cherrish something that was lovingly apart of him. We did a lot of gig's with that guitar and it holds great memories. Any a
  2. Mate thank you very much!! I watched all of it and it made me further realise that I have very special instruments in GIBSON!! Fricken Awesome :)
  3. Thanks CB, I appreciate the advice. I will buy one today and give it a go. It makes sense that the upper back absorbs all the weight. I will get back to ya's. Cheers.
  4. It looks real to me Very nice looking GTAR!!
  5. G'day Bence, Nice to chat again :) Mate I am normally on top of techy stuff fairly quickly but I think the adrenaline of this lady clouded my judgement. lol anyway today I just lowered the bridge pickup a bit and whammo. Problem sorted. So in the end I didn't lift the pickups to see what was underneath. Cheers.
  6. G'day CB, Mate thanks heaps. I really like your CC GT as well haa haa. It's a pitty that my camera does not show the true beauty of the glossy finish on this baby, some photo's make it look satin...ahh well. QUESTION: Did you replace your Bell truss rod cover with an R8 or R9 BELL. It looks nice and bevelled and pronounced.
  7. Thanks Kennis, I had a lot of fun that night. haa haa ha..cheers. :)
  8. Hey Thanks a lot guy's. Well the verdict after rehearsal is this We played 2x45 minute sets and my new CC experience was interesting. At first I had issues with tone but when I dialed back the overdrive and distortion on my pedals, I was able to dial in a nice vintage typical Classic Rock Les Paul TONE! This has got me curious as to whether the rumor is true? is there a 57 Classic or 57 Classic Plus in the Bridge. I may lift it today just to confirm for myself, because it definately sounds hotter than my 61RI SG.. I also note that my CC has mustard coloured caps in it.hmm. So
  9. Here is my new baby Ya'll!! OMG I am in LP heaven.. Set up out of the box is AWESOME and to my spec. Weight is desirable and not too heavy but feels like you are holding an LP. Tone is Mid to Bright with Bite!! absolute presence on the fretboard, I reckon the Baked Maple makes the difference, My Ebony on my 73 LPC sounds darker and of course thats solid body lol. Ok, all I have done to get her right for me was put some Warwick Strap Locks on because the Screw is the same size as the Gibson Screw. Used a bit o Planet Waves Fretboard Hydrate to darken the fretboard and now th
  10. G'day Ya'll, Great Post because I think I would be one of the guilty ones here. Well I don't always jump into a purchase on impulse, I normally research a purchase. "BUT" Today I pulled the trigger on this awesome Classic Custom! My Iphone photo's dont show it's true beauty. I picked it up brand new for $1999 AUD. Do you think I may have acted on impulse on this occassion ? Rock On!!
  11. G'day Bence Mate the song title is mine which is a Song I wrote about Mulyiwonk = River Bunyip. It is an Aboriginal Dreaming story from my Aboriginal Community homeland that tells of being aware and safe from the harsh environs of the River. Mainly directed at our Aboriginal children teaching them to be aware and safe of the River or the Mulyiwonk will get you... In relation to that unique sound...well to put it bluntly, Men at work, Australian Crawl and Midnite Oil pretty much were influenced by a lot of Australian Aboriginal Bands prior to their known existance. In Australia
  12. G'day Ya'll, here are some Vid's of my band. I am the lead singer playing my Norlin 73 Les Paul Custom. Let's see some Vid's of your band in action live let the music begin
  13. Great Post my friend :) Albert King Jimmy Hendrix Brad Paisley Slash That's all of my genre's covered!! Yeahh Boiii!!
  14. G'day Ya'll, Is it fair to assume that the neck profile on the new 2012 LPS is the same if not similar to that of a 61RISG. Any help is appreciated because in the land of OZ, it takes forever for stock to land here. Otherwise I woudl test drive one. Cheers.
  15. Mate welcome and my vote is for the one trick pony! 2012 Les Paul Standard. Good Luck
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