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  1. Met Pete Seeger in 1972. Very laid back as might be expected. Set his key light for a solo performance. Nice guy. Also, met Clint Eastwood at a golf tournament he played at in 1968. He really is a tall guy. Even without the boots. I was a teen then and caddying at the tourney. Got his autograph and lost it. Damn. That may have paid for a new LP.
  2. It is tough. Medical bills. Required traveling for family stuff. Car needs this and that. You know. The usual life stuff has keeps one away from one's next guitar. Always one more thing. I've been waiting to get an ES-339. Heard so many good things about it. I've heard it played by pros and ams. Yumm. I am afraid if I go play one I will buy it. So got to wait until the money is there. So, GotTheSilver, simpatico. Simpatico.
  3. XD, eclectic and refined can be in the same room. I even listen to country swing music now and then. (not a huge fan of Nashville style country and western) Rock (hard, country, classic, alternative). Jazz (mostly cool). Tony Bennett (very cool). Classical (quartets and trios). Baroque. (contrapuntal bliss) Blues (old and new; acoustic and electric; masters and journeymen). What ever moves the body and soul.
  4. XD, I am a huge fan of that album. One of my faves as well. You have excellent and refined taste young man. Love the bass in those pieces. Makes me want to play standup bass. FYI, did not mean to post it twice. I just noticed.
  5. Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley with a hell of a supporting cast-
  6. Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley with a hell of a supporting cast: Miles Davis, trumpet Hank Jones, piano Sam Jones, bass Art Blakey, drums
  7. I've noticed that. milod does have some insight and perspective. Most members here have. Age brings wisdom if your mind is open.
  8. m, Pogo...Walt Kelly...right? Great cartoon strip. It would still be relevant today. m, A clear simple distillation of your earlier thesis...
  9. So, get this, when I wear my Elephant medallion no elephants appear in my neighborhood. That means my medallion is magic. Get your point. But, all conjecture. Innuendo. I don't like Gibson or any company harassed. IF that is what is happening. So, somebody from the inside. Like the agents, etc will need to step up and out the "conspiracy'. Sorta like Bush's attorneys NOT going after specified political targets. then got fired when they actually went after higher priority targets and not political enemy's of the bush admin. Bush and the neocons screwed you no matter what your political affiliation.
  10. Ooops...thanks BigK... Yep, and nice photos they are. Love the glow of that Light Caramel Burst. Beautiful guitar. Happy playing.
  11. Okay it's been over 24 hours and no pics... Still playing that wondrous guitar? In the mean time how's 'bout some stock photos... [Photo deleted due to poster's over and undersight.] Thanks, BigK....
  12. Depends on how it is being promoted and if there are enough fools to buy it? Jerry Springer Show springs to mind as does P. T. Barnum's famous quote.
  13. And when you get better, or not, learn how to use a slide with open tuning. Amazing open and ringing sounds occur. Lovely. Acoustic or electric.
  14. Make them pay for emergency crews time in cash, double their community service, and then put them in jail. If you are that stupid you need to pay big time. Obviously, critical thinking is not one of their skills.
  15. Saw Stills on video ("live concert"), solo, perform that and he replaced the last line with: "Step out of line, and the man will blow you away."
  16. I scare myself just thinkin' about you - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
  17. WHOA...amazing memorabilia. Flashback central. I lived in Modesto for a good while way back when. Those posters take me back. I remember the Varsity Shop at McHenry Village. Them at the Strand Theater is too much. I believe that historic theater was razed. A lot of famous acts played the Strand all the way back to the start of the 20th Century. I missed a chance to see the Doors at the local skating rink in Modesto. In a few months their new album hit the charts and the rest is.... Although I did get to see Sam And Dave live at the Junior College. 1000 seat house and they were incredible.
  18. Congrats on the new git. I am not a mod when it comes to guitars but I would replace those f-ugly knobs. Love the look and texture of the guitar though. I hear the sound is great. Would consider getting it after I acquire an ES-339.
  19. Dell Studio XPS 8100 Intel Celeron Covington Core i5 Processor, 64-bit 6GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series graphic card 23" LG E2370V IPS/TFT LCD Panel But I would like that peripheral attached to the Apple notebook. Now I know why Apple is so popular.
  20. Not if they are placed in the "Banana Container".
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