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  1. Saw them at Fillmore West in San Francisco. 1969? Also on hand was Seigal-Schwall Band, Ace of Cups (an all "girl" band), and a few others. JA headlined. I believe I paid $2.00! And here for S&G is a pic of two of the 5 Ace of Cups with two MONSTER guitars I think the one on the right is a Gibson with a Bigsby. Not so sure of the one on the left. They seemed to open a lot shows for Jefferson Airplane.
  2. Another +1 for pickled beats. Love them. Lucky guy with all those beets. He has surely been blessed.
  3. Quite seriously...it looks like it is right out of Guitar Hero or was in the movie, This Is Spinal Tap. Wouldn't touch it for $50.00.
  4. Has anyone set up a 12 step program for GASsing? This can become a damn expensive hobby.
  5. If it is suspected that you have a another problem with your prostate sometimes the proctologist has to 'milk' your prostate. Let me tell you, I was on my tippy toes, because 'milking' my prostate took a lot more time than simply checking for polyps. Flowers and dinner hell, I should have also gotten a box of candy and a special card as well. Thank goodness there were no problems with the prostate. On that note I will leave with a joke: A proctologist pulls out a thermometer from his shirt pocket. He looks at it and says, "Sh*t, some a**hole has my pen."
  6. My cell phone does not have a camera. Yes, it is that old. 2006, is when I got it. Amazingly, works well just as a phone. Who'd of thought, huh?
  7. Not bothered. Okay with me as long as I take my ADHD medicine and no one is jangling their keys. Other than that I'm okay. Oh yeah as long as no one is clicking their teeth and my 9mm is out of reach. Other than that I'm okay...
  8. Warmed up? As fast as my tubes warm up. Depends on the day.
  9. Now I am awake... Just layin' Have a lovely summer day.
  10. I can't believe this thread went this far. Actually 2 pages. AND I am not just sayin' Goodnight!
  11. Even though I said get the Studio the problem with newbies is that they often move to something else. So I would tend to agree with This_Dying-Soul. The Epiphone Special II I bought my son has pretty decent action for a 'cheap' guitar. A very good learner's guitar. He could always mod it later with better pups if he gets the urge. But right out of the box it is not a bad guitar for about $180. The Studio costs about $800. If in a few months the kid decides guitar isn't for him. You have an electric guitar. The kit version (a good deal) comes with a small amp and other assorted junk. The guitar cable is junk, get another one. The amps okay and will work for practice. It definitely will drive the neighbors nuts if he turns it to 10. I use my sons when I am too lazy to get out my others. Especially if I have just a few minutes to noodle around. Good luck on your journey. The Gibson can be for later when he gets better.
  12. MF has it listed at $1399. To be shipped by July 12. Just posted it. Doesn't have the 'Description' up yet. Someone on another thread said the guitar about the same size as the ES-339 only flat top. Now I want an ES-339 AND the Midtown Standard Damn. I gotta stop coming here.
  13. damian's answer is the best. Cool!
  14. Agree with fuzzy fred on the white space issue. All I know of negative space is what my brain feels after thinking about music instead of playing music.
  15. Definitely have your son play any guitar no matter what the salesman or anyone says. The proof is in the ears and the hands; the sound and feel. He's got to be all around comfortable with it. I love the way my Studio with the P90s sounds. Yet, I love the feel of my Standard. All good advice from the members on this one. Personally I'd go for the Studio but I am biased.
  16. I couldn't make up my mind, 10s or 9s, so I put GHS Boomers 9 1/2 s. GHS calls them 'Extra Light+'. I like they way they feel and bend. When I decide which guitar to use for slide I think 11s will be nice. Anyone have any recommendations on strings for open tuning and slide? I would be using it for blues mostly. I use brass, nickel, and 'plastic' slides.
  17. Maybe we all misunderstood and it's really: Justin Sane? Justice Zane? Just Sane? Just Stay In? Just Stayin? (yeah its different) Regional accents do make a difference. Especially in print. Thank Yew.
  18. Does **** "****" Cheney know about this form of torture? Oh, yeah, that's right. D##k or "D**k" is a curse word. Now I know why Cheney was such a "Di*k".
  19. DMichaelG


    Love the finish. Make music and never stop...thanks for sharing.
  20. Oh. My. God. Another misconception about the Bible...Adam and Eve only rode ONE dinosaur to church.
  21. Yeah, the church is usually too late and too little on subjects that concern most of the earth's population.
  22. Man, doesn't take much to start a conversation on this forum. Cool...
  23. DMichaelG


    Beautiful guitar. Is that the Tri Burst finish? A nice find. Have fun with it.
  24. How about a Fender Super-Champ XD. 15 watt hybrid tube amp with effects. Play it clean in one channel or with effects on the other channel. 10" speaker. Has an out put for an additional speaker box. About $299. Small venue gigs to bedroom practice. Check it out...
  25. You have the answers young Skywalker. Simply go and do and the rest will become evident... Oh, and if you really want to see some vibrant discussion search this forum. There will be limitless opinions and some information. Just settle in for the night and go for it....
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