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  1. I recently bought a Gibson LP Standard Plus from Same Day Music late December 2010; on the headstock it read, Made in USA 2009. It was inspected 03/03/2009. NOS, I suppose. My Standard Plus came with Dunlop straplocks and gold plated pots along with the Gibson stated web site specs. From what I read this was luck since it appears later day versions did not come with Dunlops or gold pots. Was this guitar, in the Gibson box, hanging around longer than the others? The box appeared unopened, all seals and labels in tact. The guitar's fit and finish was perfect. The AA wood shone through beautifully. AND it sounded wonderful. Also to echo Dr Gonzo, the Gibson site only lists this guitar as Standard, the Plus refers to the 'AA flamed' top. The2 plain tops are less expensive than the Plus versions. I suppose it is possible that Ice Tea is/was not a popular color and so remained in the back room. BTW, on the Gibson shipping labal it reads, Iced Tea Sunburst. On the Gibson web site it lists the color as Ice Tea. Also on the label the guitar is called:Les Paul Standard 2008 Professional Premium Finish. Only one minor complaint; the guitar would not get nor stay in tune. Old strings just strung out? The strings were clean, without corrosion or dirt and seemed fine. I promptly replaced the strings with DR nickel 10s and voila, no problem. This is almost like chasing the multitude of varieties of Beatles songs that are out there. Interesting but has nothing to do with playability, tone and beauty.
  2. Howdy. Interesting. I love trolling these threads. The things you learn. Great stuff... I just purchased a 2008 Standard late December 2010 (Made in the USA 2009). It was inspected on 03/03/09. I was surprised to see the Dunlop straplocks and gold plated pods because they were not listed on the Gibson web site. The vendor must have had it left over. NOS? I checked the Gibson shipping box, label and the guitar upon arrival. (Interestingly, the vendor put the Gibson shipping box into another bigger plain box. Maybe security???) Another small difference: currently, on the Gibson site, it lists my guitar's color as "Ice Tea". On the Gibson box my guitar arrived in, it is clearly listed in big formal printed letters on the Gibson label as "Iced Tea Sunburst". I also think it may have been an earlier model because it would not stay in tune. Old strings? They did not seem used, rusty or old. Just stretched out? Don't really know. I promptly put some DR nickel 10s on and it has been staying in tune perfectly since then. Love the guitar. Perfect fit and finish and the setup was pretty close to where I like it. Enjoy your Standard.
  3. My Les Paul 2010 Studio 50s Tribute weighs in at 7.23 lbs. (3.30 kgs.).
  4. I have seen several recommendations RE: stretching strings. I have read that pure Nickel strings should NOT be stretched. Anyone else seen or heard that?
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