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  1. Is this guitar still available?? Thanks!!

  2. Hi BluesKing... no, nothing from my own lessons are repeated in the ones I've done for Homespun.
  3. I actually prefer all of them, for different reasons. The AJ for it's warmth and depth, the J-35 for it's 'grittiness' and the J-100 for the compactness, which I think makes it a perfect ragtime guitar. My dog however, wasn't impressed with any of them. :)
  4. I recently acquired three Gibsons: a J-35 and J-100 made in 2013 and an Advanced Jumbo made in 2014. All three have been strung with D'Addario PB light gauge strings. I've run through several styles, typical of what I might do on any particular gig. Here's how they compare in sound with each other. P.S. I sold off two and traded one in order to get these.... just so ya know. Here's a You Tube video comparing the three Gibsons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvpV_ZcUoAs
  5. Thanks gang. I'm sure glad you enjoyed that. I'm having a GREAT time with this guitar. I've been gassing for one of these for a long time now. Finally found one that has a 1 3/4" inch neck. Toby
  6. Just scored this guitar and having a ball with her. 3 tunes: 'Swing Bean' - an original 'Hey Good Looking' - my arrangement of the Hank Williams classic 'Toby's Boogie Woogie' - my original attempt and trying to imitate the great boogie woogie piano players.. namely Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons. Oh, can't leave out Honey Piazza.
  7. Just came the other day. What attracted me to this gal was her 1 3/4" nut width which for a fingerpicker like me is puuurrrrfect. She has ALL the right tones for me... big bottom, powerful mids and clear highs.
  8. Here's my question: The owner says the guitar is from the fifties but I've never seen such a yellowish top before. Most spruce tops tend to change to a brownish orange over time. I'm wondering if this guitar has been oversprayed or refinished. What say you?
  9. Ever wonder how people could keep a melody line going on top of an alternating bass (Travis Picking), making the guitar sound like it's being played by two people... effortlessly? Did you ever want to learn that, even if you've never finger picked before or just 'fooled around' a bit? Then this is the course for you. Not only will you learn this wonderful way of sounding like a one man (or woman) band but you'll also learn some exciting country blues songs in the process. 10 pages of tab, 21 instructional movies and 7 new songs, all taught to you by Toby Walker. Now on SALE: Only $5.95
  10. I'm REAL happy you're pulling into the station on this one amigo! Way to GO!
  11. I heard Gibson may be discontinuing this model but when I visited the acoustic section on their website guess which model was featured right up top? This one. To me that makes sense as I think the guitar has a great deal to offer both to the flatpicker and fingerpicker. While the tone may be on the brighter side I found that once I switched over to PB mediums the guitar had a pronounced improvement in the lower end. Combine that with a clean, lightweight build, a LR Baggs Element pickup and a street price of around $1700.00 I think Gibson hit a homer here. I get a feeling that this r
  12. Thanks for those kind words amigo. Believe it or not I feel pretty lucky myself.
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