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  1. I have a brand new Traditional that came with a PLEK job and it still needs to go to a luthier for a good setup. Yes, it plays great, but the bridge and saddle are in a goofy looking position. They look like they're bent and ready to fall out. Don't put too much faith in any factory setup unless it's a custom model.
  2. So here's the strange outcome: Went back to GC. Tried 8 differnt LPs of all different models. They ALL did the same thing! Maybe it's me. Maybe I give off a charge! :) Oh well. I ended up returning the Studio and upgrading to a Traditional in Desert Burst, which is just awesome! And yes, it does the same thing! I'm going to have my luthier give it a full setup in a few days and go over the whole thing anyway. We'll see what happens...
  3. I have a brand new Silverburt Studio, which I too love! It seems to have some grounding issues. I live right by a warranty place, but I have no desire to send it off and wait a month to see it again. It was the only one in stock or the store would have replaced it on the spot. I'm not too impressed with Gibson's quality control at this point. I'm going to have the shop tech check it out and hope it's a simple fix. If not, guess I'll have no choice to exchange it. I really do love the way it plays though! The other issue is that the Gibson Customer Service folks aren't on the same sheet
  4. I believe they all have maple tops. Some are painted over, others have some form of translucent paint so you can see the grain.
  5. I'm curious to see what the tech says and how it performs in his shop. If it runs perfect, then I'll know it's the environment for sure. He had me check some things (via our phone call), like touching the bridge, jack, etc and while the sound doesn't go completely away touching any of these, like it does (sound goes completely away) touching the strings; I think I might have a grounding issue and/or the pups might be too high. Can't wait to really find out though. My biggest gripe so far is that every person I've talked to has given me a different answer. Even calling Gibson custome
  6. I play 10s on everything. Great sustain, easy bending, never had issues. I like DR Blues. I'm considering trying some new brands just for kicks, but never had any issues with these and they last a long time. Also, if you go between 9s and 10s, you shouldn't have any setup or innotation issues. Just don't go more than one size either way and you should be ok.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I'll be taking it to a well regarded tech in a few days. See what he has to say. If it's all jacked up, Gibson will get it back. If it's a simple issue, I'll let him take care of it. I really do like it and it plays great. Just need to fix the dang hum.
  8. Spot on. When I lower the treble on the amp, it goes away. If I lightly hold the strings, it goes away. If I lower the volume on the guitar, but raise it on the amp, it goes away. If the guitar is leaning against my couch silent and I give it a bump, I can make it make the sound, which is what makes me think it's just crazy sensative to vibration.
  9. No it's grounded right into wall. I even played it on some amps at the store. When I'm on a clean channel, it's minimal. On a higher gain setting though, I have to keep my fingers resting across the strings when I'm playing or it can get noisy.
  10. Just picked up a 2010 LP Studio Silverburst with 490/498 pups. Seems that I have to lower the volumes pots on the guitar or I get more hum/noise from the pups than on my Fenders, which I can keep at 10. I was told by a few LP guys that this is normal due to them being hotter pups. I am playing through a Cube 80x as of right now. Just curious if other LP owners say this is normal. I'll get some pics up soon! Have to say, I love this thing. It seems to fit my small hands better than my Fender.
  11. New Gibson owner here. Had Strats for many years and always use Martin brand polish on them without issue. I picked up a 2001 wine red LP Studio and I'm loving it! I've heard in different places though that the finish can be problematic. Mine looks great now and I want to keep it that way. Can I use the Martin polish on it? Will keeping it in a guitar stand cause issues? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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