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  1. The finish on my gold top is perfect, but the sides in the "waist" and end of the guitar were poorly sanded and feel as though they were rushed and not checked before sending them out the door. I have built a few guitars myself and getting that end grain baby smooth requires a lot of elbow grease. This feels as though they put the finish on, causing the mahogany to bloom and they forgot to do the finish sanding after the finish had dried. What is confusing to me is how it could have made it out the door that way. Cosmetically it looks perfect, but it is quite rough to the touch. I have no
  2. Thanks! They guys at Bad Boy Designs in Peoria, AZ do spectacular work. They did two pinups of my wife on my Big Bear Chopper and it took top prize in the bike show at BBC's Ride The Mountain event in June. The accuracy of the facial details is what blows me away, and is the most important element when you are trying to do someone you know. If you saw the original photos they were working from, the are spot on!!
  3. Thanks! There are no pickup covers yet...awaiting delivery from Stew Mac. Hopefully they'll arrive today. Cream just didn't work so I ordered some black ones.
  4. I just tried that and it seemed to work for me! Thank you!!
  5. Thanks! I still plan to get some red dice...that way I can switch it up whenever I get bored of one look. I'd love to post a bigger picture, but for some reason the forum is limiting me to 500kb total uploads and I'm already at 463k. Not sure how to circumvent that. If I figure it out, I'll get a better shot up here.
  6. Is there anyway around the 500kb photo limitation other than deleting past photos that you have uploaded? I noticed that some people seem to be able to post very large photos (or multiple photos) seemingly without that restriction. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Ok, she is done except for the pick up covers which arrive later this week. The knobs look much better (actually look awesome) in person. They are the originals painted with a transparent candy apple red. That is just my cruddy photography that makes them look bad.
  8. Here is my ebony LP Studio 50s Tribute post airbrush work. It came out amazing! Looks much better in person. Now I am looking for a black/red/black pickguard, some black pickup covers and some red dice for knobs...
  9. The knobs are ok. I was thinking some red dice maybe. TI was also thinking of a black/red/black pick guard. he model is actually my wife. She also adorns my Big Bear Chopper as an angel on the tank and a devil woman on the tail. :)
  10. Ok, so it is still a work in process. I'm not crazy about the knobs I borrowed from my Lucille. I need some pick up covers and a new pick guard. Unfortunately it is night time so the lighting sucks, but here it is! They left the worn spots, but the whole thing has been clear coated with a high gloss finish.
  11. Here's mine. Got it at Sam Ash in Phoenix. I didn't order one, just lucked out getting a call when it came in. The black one came from Amazon. Both were manufactured in September.
  12. Ok, so I really wanted one and ended up with two of these with a little luck and some perseverance. One gold top, one ebony. I took delivery of the ebony one from Amazon on Tuesday, just as Sam Ash called me to say they had a gold top and a honey burst that just arrived. I couldn't resist the gold top so picked it up too. The ebony looked like it needed something to spruce it up a bit, so I took it to Bad Boy Designs and had them work up a pin-up. The photo shows early progress on the artwork. I'll post final photos next week when I get the guitar back.
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