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  1. I put in the master volume mod with a 500K pot last night and it's working very well. Both clean and dirty channels sound very good. The dirty is still a bit trebly for my taste but I'm getting a nice Joe Perry "Sweet Emotion" bark out of it. Thanks to mjlewis22 and others for posting instructions and pics on how to do the mod.
  2. Thanks for the info, mjlewis22. I have some 500k pots lying around so I'll give one of those a try. One question - what gauge is the shielded wire you used to wire up the master volume pot to R39? Do I have to use a specific gauge or will anything do?
  3. I'd agree with wildschwein262 - the single biggest improvement in sound I've heard was by replacing the power tubes. I also used 6L6GC's from =C= and the improvement in sound was tremendous. The BC30 went from having a flabby, uninspiring sound to just a beautiful, crisp, and powerful tone - especially on the bottom end. I spent a lot of money on a '67 Mullard rectifier but honestly I wouldn't do it again as the feel of the amp has not changed that much. Similarly with the preamp changes I made (Tung-Sols instead of EH), you could tell a slight change in tone but nothing as dramatic as upgrading the output tubes. If you're on a tight budget and want to get the best sound out of the BC30 the best thing you can do is to upgrade the power tubes. I've had some more time to experiment and found that the early breakup on the clean channel that I asked about in the original question was not due to the high gain Tung-Sol's I put in - it was actually the Gibson 498T hot alnico pickup that I dropped in the bridge position on my Les Paul. That thing is *extremely* hot! I've been a solid state user my whole life (the BC30 is my first tube amp) and I'm used to just keeping my guitar controls at 10 and using pedals and the amp footswitch to control the gain and sound. With this hot pickup keeping it pegged at 10 there's no way to get a clean sound out of it. Once I dialed it down to 6 or so I was able to get a nice clean sound on channel one and didn't get any breakup until I turned the amp level to about 2 o'clock. I pulled C6 and C5 and it did significantly lessen the 'ice-pick' problem. I don't think I'll lift anymore caps as it's sounding pretty good now. I'm getting a nice clean tone on channel one and channel two is giving me a nice hard rock sound with plenty of gain. I think I may invest in a Boss equalizer pedal to try to shape the tone some more but overall I'm pretty happy with how it's sounding. The only gripe I have is that two of the four bolts that hold the chassis to the cabinet were stripped at the factory and I had to drill them out to get the chassis out so I could pull the caps. Now I've got to try and find replacement bolts so I can get the chassis back in and bolted down properly. I think the only other mod I'd like to do is the master volume mod where you replace R39 with a pot. You have to remove the board from the chassis for that, though, and I'm not sure if it's something I want to try. Did anybody do this mod themselves? Any tips?
  4. Hi All, New to the forums...just wanted to say thanks to all the contributors here...I've already read a ton of great information. I have a Blues Custom 30 that I'm trying to dial in to get a good tone. So far I've swapped out the original Sovtek 6L6WXT+ power tubes with a pair of =C= 6L6GC's and I've also replaced the Shuguang rectifier with a '67 Mullard. After doing that the bottom end of the amp really opened up and sounded fantastic on both the clean and dirty channels. I play mostly hard rock along with some blues and jazz so I was still looking for a bit more gain out of the amp on the dirty channel. I ordered two Tung-Sol 12AX7's that were tested to be high-gain and put them in the V1 and V2 spots. I also got a Tung-Sol Gold balanced 12AX7 and put in in the phase inverter (V4) spot. On top of that I also dropped a Gibson 498T into the bridge position on my Les Paul Custom. WOW - I'm getting a TON of gain now on the dirty channel - it's just where I like it - plenty of crunch and sustain but not out of control. Here's the problem, though - the clean channel now has virtually no headroom and breaks up if I turn the level above 10 o'clock. I wanted to keep the clean channel clean until one or two o'clock like it was before I put the high-gain Tung-Sols in. I'm new to tube amps so I'm guessing here but is the clean channel breaking up so early because I dropped that high-gain Tung-Sol into V1? Is V1 the clean channel circuit and V2 the dirty channel circuit? If I put back in the stock EH 12AX7 into V1 will the clean channel go back to having more headroom? I'm going to try it when I get home from work but wanted to get some helpful opinions if possible. Thanks in advance for your help. CK1 P.S. - The amp is coming around but it's still bright so I will be doing the bright cap mods in a day or so. Probably just take out C6 and C5. I'd also like to put in the R39 volume mod if it's not too hard so I can practice without blowing the roof off our house at night. :-) If anyone has any links or tips on doing the volume mod I'd appreciate it.
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