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  1. A standard played with a friend and dedicated to Nice disaster:
  2. Now the version for big band, Benny Goodman - like :) :)
  3. Some songs to start this year :) (HNY) B) B) B)
  4. Just for fun, a road trip with a friend :
  5. A collab on an old blues from New Orleans's taverns :lol:
  6. Return on blues, old, rural, Mississippian ! P
  7. I play bass on this magnificent orignal song from an american female singer : Pierrou
  8. A collab with Hannah (female singer) on a Agnes Obel Song RiverSide: :) ;)
  9. Directly from Louisiana : St Louis Blues, played by the "Hot Club of SoundCloud" for pleasure only :lol:
  10. A dinausaur of rock revisited : [rolleyes] [rolleyes] [rolleyes]
  11. A happy birthday for all : [laugh]
  12. The return to intrumental rock song : :) :)
  13. A great collab with a female singer from Kazastan: B)
  14. Many thanks mulvavroop, here is a collaboration with Bobby on Tarantino's movie Django Unchained :-({|= :-({|= :-({|= :-({|=
  15. I've got a MIK (peerless) Epi Casino, this is an unusual apart in the "guitar hall of fame". This guitar is sounding very original, really love it, I try Elitist, nothing more except a better luthery ;)
  16. For Beatles aficionados: https://soundcloud.com/stevee101/when-im-sixty-four-usa-fra
  17. A great collab with Laurie, a US singer : :-({|=
  18. A watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) for end of year !!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  19. Another Brick, here is a cover: :)
  20. Here is a Another Brick in the Wall Reloaded with a bunch of friends: :)
  21. Thanks so much Crust, that's a great idea :)
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