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  1. I love my L-4 CES. It just feels so...so sumptuous. Can I say sumptuous without sounding too squiffy? I bought the L4 because the ES 175 had a figured top. I don't like wood that looks diseased. The L4 has a beautiful solid carved spruce top and carved mahogany sides and back. The fretboard is the blackest ebony I've ever seen. Gold accoutrements with an L5 tailpiece. It is truly exquisite looking. The feel and tone of this guitar makes me drool every time I pick it up. It's like reaching for the most beautiful woman my mind could possibly conjure.
  2. Long & Mcquade in New Minas, Nova Scotia. Good store, excellent staff. I just wish they'd get some flatwounds besides D'Addario. I'd like to try some TI brand flatwounds, or maybe Pyramid brand.
  3. Cancer stole him away from us. Wretched, wretched disease.
  4. Just bought an L-4CES. Next? A Florentine Byrdland with a tea sunburst finish. Mmmmmm!
  5. I hear what your saying...but being a bit "off is not a crime. Most musicians are a bit "off", but there's very little anyone can do about it. Thank goodness! It is a sense of common decency that keeps people from actually going off the deep end and wreaking havoc. Most of us know when to reign in the weirdness. That young man didn't.
  6. Congrats man! Feels good eh. I quit the day after Lou Rawls died of lung cancer back in Jan 2006. I went from 3/4 octave back up to my pre-smoking 2.5 octaves in 4 months. And that's after smoking a pack a day for 31 years.
  7. I believe that photo is of a genuine Gibson. The Gibson logo looks as if it's been airbrushed (photo-shopped) off the headstock (look at the dust pattern). Appears they forgot to airbrush out the label at the sound-hole. That's not what you'll receive in the mail though. It's called switch and bait. Just my thoughts.
  8. My chest tightened up while reading your post. Do as Billy says. While you're at the shop, get the techie to show you what he's doing and how the truss rod works. Look up cutaways of a neck to see the mechanics behind the design of the neck and truss rod. Just how many turns did you give the threaded nut at the end of the threaded truss rod? Unless way out of whack, it should require no more than a half turn or so. I turn mine a sixth at a time and wait a day for the result of each adjustment. A sixth is an easy guideline as the nut is hexagonal. Hopefully you haven't done any damage. Oh yea...we like guitar pictures. Well, I do anyway. 335s are nice guits.
  9. Just got an Apex AT8 for Christmas. I've a number of other tuners including a TU3. The clip-on is very handy if you don't feel like plugging the guit in, and just feel like doing some acoustic noodling.
  10. Everything L5Larry said is bang on. Play that guitar. Play it well. Teach your son to play it well.
  11. Bob R


    Certainly 11s and 12s would be safe. Some like 14s. I used 14s on everything until I started to get old and feeble. Had 14s on my old es125 for years with no ill effect. I now use D'Addario Chrome 11s on everything. I consider them to be light gauge.
  12. The newer console humidifiers have a built in hygrometer with digital read out. I have a large console humidifier in my music room. I set it to maintain 45% humidity. This keeps all of my guitars humidified. That includes the necks and fretboards, which is something a sound hole humidifier can't do. All of my guitars hang from the walls except the L4-CES which resides on a stand, ready to be played at a moments notice. I also have a large console humidifier in the living room set at 50%. It keeps my Gretsch G5120 and Yamaha M5J piano in good shape. My forced hot air furnace doesn't have its own humidifier, hence the need for standalone units. I may install one next spring.
  13. Could be a bad bunch. You can save them by tinning the ball end before installation. The used ones are toast however.
  14. My Gretsch has a Bigsby. Just means I need to precurve the ball/pin end about 180 degrees before installation. Pull tight and secure string to fretboard with Kyser capo at the third fret. This gives me two hands to fiddle around at the peghead. Three frets gives me enough space to raise the string about one inch above fret board. Allows for a couple of turns, in addition to half around the peg and up for locking action. Cheap and effective. Besides, I've no other use for the capo.
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