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  1. Heres my 2010 Gibson Les Paul Junior in Satin Yellow. Love this thing. Amazing tone, feels great, well built. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
  2. Your sons junior looks like a beauty! Glad he likes it! great to hear that it sounds great, does there appear to be any quality control problems that cheaper gibsons are notorious for? seeing pictures of yours has made me question my colour choice a little bit, that sunburst really looks stunning! i definitely will post some photos when mine arrives. merry christmas tim, hope you and your family have had a great one! :) thanks, Logan.
  3. Hey thanks man! No, im not in Nelson, i'm in Hamilton, but they told me that its coming from Nelson, so the one in nelson is the one im getting! have you seen it? did it look nice? :) Hope your son loves his junior, i'm really excited to get mine! we will definitely compare notes when they arrive, it arrives in hamilton on the 5th of jan for me to play and try out, but i'll be getting it sometime in late january because of the lay-buy arrangement..
  4. Beautiful junior you have their mate. Thats the same as the one im getting! :D Hope you enjoy that guitar, and let us know what you think of it!
  5. I ordered a Satin Junior today from my local guitar shop. I got it in Satin Yellow, lucky i got in when i did because it was the last one in New Zealand. Really excited to get it, i will post photos when it arrives :D
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