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  1. Great news!!!!!!!!!!!Looking forward to seeing some amazing builds!!! Best of luck to Ren & Tim.šŸ‘
  2. I believe this has been done before and it was determined to be East Indian Rosewood.
  3. Cool video. However, not Brazilian. Gibson used East Indian rosewood on the 30s SJ-200s and Advanced Jumbos models
  4. Thanks for posting that!!! BTW, pretty sure Tex's guitar is rosewood back and sides. It's a (circa )1938 model that was reworked/ refinished with replaced pickguard by Gibson in the mid 1950s-early 1960s.
  5. Hello, I am no longer buying selling Gibson vintage electrics and have been out of touch with market for quite some time. I still some circa 1959 parts ( knobs, tuners, truss rod covers, switch tips and black M69 rings) that Iā€™m looking to sell. I am looking for advice where/who to sell them and how to have them authenticated. I would hate offer a part that is not 100% original. Thanks Fred
  6. Thanks!! I will look into that 2013 model. I have played that particular Gary Burnette AJ and it was truly a great sounding guitar.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions! Which one (s ) of the above will have a red spruce top? I am definitely partial to red spruce and would not consider a guitar without it.
  8. No I do not, I just used my username from another Gibson forum here. In retrospect, I should have used Fredsj200, which another username I have used elsewhere.
  9. It was a tough decision, but the right one. I needed to help my out Mom financially. Don't be too concerned for me. I still have this 1938 which is destined to be kept in the family.
  10. Are talking about the Brazilian Luthier Choice models?
  11. Thanks, I do understand your point. However, I have played and own several Pre-War Company Martin style guitars and they come really close in sound and real to the real deal. I'm thinking it's partly due to the thin lacquer and torrified tops. I have not played any of their Gibson style guitars. The new Gibson 1936 AJ also has a thin finish and torrfied top. I thinking it might be may best choice for me or a Pre War Company AJ. Just was curious what anyone else here thought. Here's a picture of my former 1937 AJ.
  12. Thanks for a great suggestion. I do agree about maple AJs. Many years ago I played one of Gary Burnette's Custom Shop Birdseye Maple AJ with an ebony board and bridge. I was a spectacular sounding guitar.
  13. Although I've been a member here since 2010, I have not posted here until lately. I do lurk here from time to time. Now that I'm working from home and sheltering in place, I have a lot more time to participate here. Back in Nov 2019 sold my original 1937 Advanced Jumbo, and am truly feeling remorseful. I am now looking for a more affordable modern AJ. I have read many threads here regarding AJs and am just looking for some opinions as to the closest feeling/sounding option out there to the originals. I was thinking of the new 2020 Historic/Custom 1936 model. However, the sunburst color just
  14. Hi Tom, Hope you are doing well. Yours is the first rosewood J-55 that I'm aware of. Of course Gibson being Gibson, there are most likely others along with some examples with maple back and sides. In fact, there could be examples produced with any combination of rosewood, mahogany and maple for the back and sides (LOL). Fred
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