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  1. I still use this even though the guitar is gone...
  2. I also followed all the links and listened to all of the bands and the MercuryMen were the best.
  3. I believe the nearest Gibson Dealer is about 180 miles from my house. I love Gibson guitars, but have never been in a store that sells new Gibson guitars. There are 2 former Gibson dealers in my city and both give me the same story: Gibson wants a buy in of X number of $$, with a minimum sale of X number of guitars a year, and BOTH say that the inventory is Gibson's choice not theirs. i.e. they don't get to order the base stock they want, they have to take what is sent to them by Gibson Maybe true, maybe not. I have no idea.....I DO know, however, that they are rival stores with no love lo
  4. Trade in the 335 and get the 12 string. In the mean time, since you have such a longing for the idea of a 335, pick up an Epiphone Dot to have laying around and doodle on. When, and if, the Dot starts speaking to you and the desire to own a 335 again strikes you....deal with it THEN. ....and don't feel guilty,....heck 2 different guys have DIVORCED Halle Berry. If it don't work, it just don't work.
  5. I don't have a guitar with Waverlys, so I can't be sure of the fit, but this string winder posted below has a large notch for large tuners, and perpendicular to that is a small notch that affords a tight fit on the small knobs of my Grover open tuners. I have no affiliation with this vendor except as a satisfied customer... String Winder
  6. Those pictures are of a 2007 Modern Classic. The True Vintage would have an orange label.
  7. I have been using the Intelli IMT 500 for a while and have had the same problems with the lower strings as karen and jannusguy, but I recently bought the Intelli IMT-900 on ebay for ...20bucks or so,......and it does a LOT better with the low strings. It will even occasionally pick up on my Ibanez electric whose low E is tune down to D-flat. I use it without a problem on my J-150 and my 2 Masterbilts, mahogany and maple,.....I don't currently have a Rosewood guitar, so I can't give you any input on that.
  8. *BUMP* Pending sale fell through.....no hard feelings! kev
  9. *bump* If anyone is interested, email me at arundekev@gmail.com I may negotiate.... Thanks, Kev
  10. Excellent condition......I guess I really just need to downgrade a little. No wear or tear, no dings, no buckle rash, the neck is straight, no problems whatsoever with this guitar....... BEAUTIFUL guitar! Engraved , hand-painted pickguard (no wear), bone saddle and nut, 24.75" scale, 1.725" nut width.... I just need money and this is not being played like it should be. Here is one pic, I will email more upon request. $2,000 plus $50 shipping to Continental US I have traded/sold with other Forum members here.
  11. I really love the guitar, but I play it less than I do any of the others. Partly because I don't want to scuff it up. Money is extremely tight right now, and it's just sitting there....in it's case.... I'm playing more electric now than anything. When I do grab an acoustic it's usually one of my Masterbilts which both are out of their cases on a stand at all times, and second to them I grab my J-150 which I bought used and already has the 'new' worn off of it. I could sure use the money right now, but I almost feel guilty thinking about selling it now. Am I craaazy?
  12. Sweet guitar, Laura.....I'm really, really, GASing for a Les Paul or an SG.... oh,...and I miss you , btw
  13. Well, I can't find a pic of it anywhere.....maybe it WAS an SG jr. with the trem removed and modded with a humbucker. I found some pics of the Spirit.....that's not the animal, but thanks!.....the guitar I saw definitely had an SG body. Thanks for the input, ppl!
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