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  1. Birki

    The Surfin' Bird

    hi! thanks! the steinberger gearless are cool, indeed. they don't make the task of changing strings on a bigsby-equipped guitar easier, though ... yours wolfi
  2. hi! Here is my somewhat remodelled Firebird Tribute; Steinberger Gearless Tuners, Bone Saddle, a M3 Guitars RH 100 on the neck and a TVJones PowerTron on the Bridge, a Schaller Roller Birdge, a B5 Horseshoe Bigsby and smaller knobs (because of the Bigsby) ... and a repainted top. Currently my main guitar for ... surf music with our trashy Surf Quartet, Balu & die Surfgrammeln :D ... yours wolfi
  3. hi! what really works on a G400 - been there, did that - is to replace the grover style rotomatics with some something lightweight like these ... http://www.thomann.de/at/schaller_st6kn_mechanik.htm yours wolfi
  4. hi! well - we are pretty amused here in Austria. it is of course fraud to sell horse meat as beef. but horse meat is not bad, it is a common snack here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leberk%C3%A4se :D yours wolfi
  5. hi! routing the body is a shame, true. one can do this on a beater. but changing the pups is ok since a guitar that does not sound right to the player is worth nothing at all! yours wolfi PS: @clarkuss - may i have your avatar in 2400 dpi and an original size of 10x 7 metres ... i think of putting a new finish on my house!
  6. hi! here is a photo of my VGS (a german brand built in china) mustang, where the dogears were replaced with TVJones - no routing or drilling, and the sound is well worth the effort ... yours wolfi
  7. hi! just recently, I replaced two P90 dogears on a semiacoustic with tvjones-classics. they have a mounting ring for dogear-mounts, and they sound awesome ... worth a consideration? yours wolfi
  8. hi! "As for tuning, if something is not right (no matter how miner) with a guitar when you first pick it up at the showroom, set it down and move on to the next one!" well - since i only play 012 strings, every guitar in a store is usually out of tune for me ;) we also fixed it there, immediately with a M13-wrench. but somehow i understand that some people are pissed about such a mishap ... lg wbirk
  9. hi! the only thing that is odd to me was the fact that I finally started understanding the rant over QC at Gibson. I have four - a Junior, the SG standard, the LP Tribute (an impulse i simply followed after picking up a traditional, compared to the rather affordable studio, and found it the sweeter instrument)... all of them are good guitars, and so is the bird. some of them had flaws which are negligible ... the fretwork on the studio could be better ... the nitro on the standard is delicate ... the Junior - well, it is hard to do anything wrong with a Junior - but all of this is ridiculous compared to other guitars i have where virtually everything had to be replaced/repaired and so on. i buy a guitar when i like it, I don't care too much about fanciness as long as it sounds sweet and is handy, and i think most people complaining over QC are a little bit anankastic. the bird i picked up at the store, and i wondered that it was virtually impossible to tune the instrument. i have a good pitch, and I play 012 strings, so every guitar with light gauge strings sounds out of tune for me, honestly speaking. but in the case of the bird, it turned out that all the nuts for the machine heads were virtually not fastened. that is easy to "repair", and i don't mind - BUT putting a guitar that cannot be tuned through QC makes me really wonder whether they are really checking their axes prior to shipping ... yours wolfi
  10. By now, I have completed my bedroom furniture ... and i love all of them :D yours wolfi
  11. hi! just my 2 cents: both on my 2008 Epi G400 and my 2010 SG Standard, there is no flex despite my preference for 012 strings in standard tuning ... yours wolfi
  12. hi! maybe I know my 60 tribute studio better than most people since I ran a CT-scan on it ... it is a three piece body with a two piece top. no neck joint ... and it is a very fine guitar ... yours wolfi
  13. Birki

    P-90 Club!!!!

    hi! here is mine - an Epiphone G400 with P94s ... My link yours wolfi
  14. sounds cool! did something similar with my G400, but gave her P94s and a Bigsby. Different guitar compared to my SG Standard, but great fun. the pickups really do the trick, BTW. I have also some SD 59 classics in an old sheraton II, and placed recently some TV Jones Classics in nice looking but rather cheap semiacoustic, a VGS Mustang II. In all cases, the pickups really did the trick, so think carefully about your choice ... yours wolfi
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