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  1. @Red 333 Dude you must be totally insane! :o
  2. ....and she's a pure Killer Queen! Arrived yesterday from my favourite guitar custom store. I changed to gold hardware and treated a pair of Gibson Burstbuckers Pro to her ^^ Sounds soooooooo awesome
  3. Kind of. But way less output and nowhere clear as the original Gibson 57's.
  4. I'd think you can go with a normal 6-string hardware twice...
  5. Of course! The B7's the one ya'll go for ;)
  6. Yes, same for me. So sad they quit production of this sweety :(
  7. Why don't you go for the ES-175? I put a Bigsby and P90s into mine and am quite satisfied as I also use it for rockabilly ;)
  8. LOL @ Punisher on the headstock Nice playing!
  9. As far as I know, there is no "Korina colour", but only "Natural". Should be Korina wood nonetheless ;)
  10. Yes, here! Got also the black/gold one. Strangely, the Maestro at mine goes to the very bottom of the guitar over the strap pin, like a Bigsby B7 f.e. The original Epi pups sound great, especially the bridge one's damn hot. I'll switch to the original Gibson's nontheless ;) The trembar is pretty loose and does not stay in position I left it, so I'll let fix this together with the pups switch ^^ Great guitar, feels great, plays really nicely and for sure it's a real eye catcher
  11. Hm, sounds interesting. Few years ago I had a G400 ebony. I sold it and switched to the Maestro Deluxe EB version. As you described it sounds quite hotter. I took a look at the guitars description and there the pickups were listet as classic Alnico V / classic Alnico V Plus, so maybe you got such one too ^^ Even though I've put Gibson pickups in all my other Epis I wouldn't go for a pickup change on my G400 as it sounds just amazing as it is
  12. Personally for this guitar I'd go for the original Gibson assembly 498t / 490r
  13. I would love to get one of those old vintages with neck binding. Shame they droped that nice fency feature :(
  14. What the heck They can't be serious!
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