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  1. @Red 333 Dude you must be totally insane! :o
  2. ....and she's a pure Killer Queen! Arrived yesterday from my favourite guitar custom store. I changed to gold hardware and treated a pair of Gibson Burstbuckers Pro to her ^^ Sounds soooooooo awesome
  3. Kind of. But way less output and nowhere clear as the original Gibson 57's.
  4. I'd think you can go with a normal 6-string hardware twice...
  5. Yes, same for me. So sad they quit production of this sweety :(
  6. Why don't you go for the ES-175? I put a Bigsby and P90s into mine and am quite satisfied as I also use it for rockabilly ;)
  7. LOL @ Punisher on the headstock Nice playing!
  8. As far as I know, there is no "Korina colour", but only "Natural". Should be Korina wood nonetheless ;)
  9. Yes, here! Got also the black/gold one. Strangely, the Maestro at mine goes to the very bottom of the guitar over the strap pin, like a Bigsby B7 f.e. The original Epi pups sound great, especially the bridge one's damn hot. I'll switch to the original Gibson's nontheless ;) The trembar is pretty loose and does not stay in position I left it, so I'll let fix this together with the pups switch ^^ Great guitar, feels great, plays really nicely and for sure it's a real eye catcher
  10. Hm, sounds interesting. Few years ago I had a G400 ebony. I sold it and switched to the Maestro Deluxe EB version. As you described it sounds quite hotter. I took a look at the guitars description and there the pickups were listet as classic Alnico V / classic Alnico V Plus, so maybe you got such one too ^^ Even though I've put Gibson pickups in all my other Epis I wouldn't go for a pickup change on my G400 as it sounds just amazing as it is
  11. Personally for this guitar I'd go for the original Gibson assembly 498t / 490r
  12. I would love to get one of those old vintages with neck binding. Shame they droped that nice fency feature :(
  13. What the heck They can't be serious!
  14. !BUMP! Allerletztes Preisangebot: 499,- € ;) EDIT: Verkauft
  15. In den englischsprachigen Subforen hier herrscht eine deutlich höhere Frequenz ;)
  16. Where did you see the Dot stated with mahagony neck?! :blink: Epiphone Dot
  17. Hi NavyElk, specs are quite the same. The Sheraton II got neck binding, the Dot doesn't. As for the gold hardwear, the plating doesn't really get rubbed off. It's more like becoming a vintage look, which takes quite a long time ;) It'll always stay "gold", just the brilliance changes a little after a while. Nothing to worry about ^^ Cheers
  18. Also there's a huge difference between the artists' version and the Hummingbirds with massive top. As already mentioned, the right strings also will do worlds ^^ Btw: Shouldn't this topic be placed in "Epiphone Acoustics" ? ;)
  19. Hi Hec Paul, well I can't tell you by own experience, but I plan to switch the originals by Gibson P90 in humbucker shape on mine. This should come pretty close to the Gibson ES175 and these PUs are great for warm bluesy sounds as for distorted Rock sounds ^^
  20. Therefor you could put in the Gibson Classic 57 PLUS! Sounds really great, I can tell you ;)
  21. Ah, I was hoping they'd use that one :) Great news!
  22. Erm, has anyone here already seen the PG that comes with these guitars? Who says it looks like the dot one? I'd rather guess it's shaped the right way, just like the casino one ^^
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