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  1. drooling.... That's bloody gorgeous!
  2. Gorgeous, dude, Congrats!
  3. That's beautiful. Congrats!
  4. Tazz, The BEST "first" guitar is the one that makes you drool, that you cant put down, and makes your girlfriend jealous. Seriously, a lesson I learned the expensive way was that as a new player looking for a first guitar, you're not going to notice or feel the differences between most models, except for the obvious things like size or weight. Get the one that calls to you, infects your dreams, and then like Vomer said, have it "set-up" and get your game on! Good luck!
  5. KVL


    Thanks, dude... That Florentine just gave me GAS.
  6. KVL


    Love the black knobs on the blue!
  7. Here's my step-by-step of what I did... http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/103380-a-step-by-step-on-how-im-modding-my-lp/page__p__1396788__hl__%2Bseymour+%2Bduncan__fromsearch__1#entry1396788
  8. I have an 05 LP Classic that I did a full electrical upgrade on. I've never done any guitar work before, ever. It was a great experience! I read many threads here that only changing the pick-ups without changing the wiring would only be a 1/2 upgrade. The wiring in older Epi's were known to not be very good, so why dump a bunch of money into p'ups and not get the full benefit from them? I ordered CTS 550k pots and Sprague 225P Polyester tone caps and wired it 50's style. The CTS pots use a thicker post, so you will need Gibson knobs, not the original Epi knobs. You will also need to
  9. After recently losing a relative who suffered through dementia, I agree with Milod. The person afflicted may only occasionally know that he's ill at all. It's most difficult for the friends and family who are around him. Prayers for the Young family, their friends, and those who work with them professionally.
  10. Good luck! I have 11's on my Casino, and I'm not in love with them. They are noticeably thicker and stiffer than the 10's on my LP.
  11. HNRD!!! Beautiful guitar, and great photo, too! Soft light rocks! I love the contrast between the weathered decking and the shiny new guitar.
  12. Beautiful guitar, and good luck with the sale, but I find humor in saying "all original except..." No disrespect meant, But at this point, those changes mean it's not all original.
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