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  1. Where do you all keep your EB-3 when you're not playing it? I just got in the Epi EB-3 case in today for my EB-3. I tried using a Gator TSA case that my Fender Jazz was in, but it didn't fit that well.
  2. MrNylon

    An EB-3

    I just got in my EB-3. I love these basses. A fantastic QC on it. The 7.8 pounds of this EB-3, feels a lot better than the close to 10 pounds of the Fender Jazz I had.
  3. Dinner tonight was, chicken, zucchini pasta, and Cream mushroom soup.
  4. MrNylon

    An EB-3

    Why Epi didn't follow suite, and name it an EB-3L is beside me too. I had a 1969 EB-0 I bought in mid 1970. I never should've sold to to a friend.
  5. Has anyone bought one lately?
  6. I had a 2018 Walnut that looked sharp. I was a bit surprised that there wasn't one offered in the 2019 series.
  7. Dinner was ravioli with meat sauce, and a salad.
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