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  1. I saw Spirit in 1969 for the first time, and they blew me away. 12 Dreams is a fantastic album!
  2. Fender pulled the plug at about 10:20 AM EDST this morning. They said there wasn't enough activity on the site to justify keeping it going. Oh well. My Epi EB-0 are playing along just fine.
  3. Hey Marky. The Best of the Best. I'm listening to Cream - Tales Of Brave Ulysses
  4. I just acquired the Epi EB-0. What a fine bass it is, both QC, and playability.
  5. Where do you all keep your EB-3 when you're not playing it? I just got in the Epi EB-3 case in today for my EB-3. I tried using a Gator TSA case that my Fender Jazz was in, but it didn't fit that well.
  6. Dinner tonight was, chicken, zucchini pasta, and Cream mushroom soup.
  7. Has anyone bought one lately?
  8. I had a 2018 Walnut that looked sharp. I was a bit surprised that there wasn't one offered in the 2019 series.
  9. Dinner was ravioli with meat sauce, and a salad.
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