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  1. Breakfast was a chocolate chip pancake, scrambled eggs, a slice of breakfast ham. With an ice tea.
  2. As far as I know, and or remember, it's the same as the 2015 strap buttons. Whether is bigger than a 6 stringer guitar, I don't know.
  3. Yeah,..... i saw that one. Looks cool.
  4. I believe I made the right choice of paring the SG Std. with the Ampeg V-4B / SVT-212AV setup. The power, and the tones are superb.
  5. The SG Std. plays well through the Ampeg.
  6. I just acquired a 2019 SG Std. Bass in Heritage Cherry. A beautiful Gibson, with QC, and factory intonation that's RIGHT ON! One change out I did, was the standard rod adjustment cover, for an SG stamped cover I had in my Gibson parts stuff. It's now strung with D'Addario ETB92S Nylon strings also.
  7. Italian style stuffed chicken breast, with a salad.
  8. I'm glad you like it. I like seeing what other Gibsterz are listening too, as well.
  9. I'm glad I acquired the SG Std. It's a great player, and I love the body shape of SG basses, and guitars.
  10. Dinner was flounder fillets, rice Pilaf, and peas.
  11. That SG should do Right On Jazz sounds. SG's are kicking 6 stringers anyway.
  12. Thanks, It's a flat-out fine example of what Gibson is capable of to turn out in an excellent bass. I've always loved the body shape of a Gibson SG anyway.
  13. Breakfast here looks like the wife's killer French Toast.
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