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  1. Yes, but I have tried the "DIRECT" mode i.e. it creates different amps for me (Matched, Combo, Tweed & Stack), but still it sound "strange" to me. I think it is better if I record into Audacity and give a sample (or a few).
  2. Ok, first this is the setup: Epiphone G400 connected to a ZOOM G2.1Nu pedal, the pedal is connected to the PC via and USB cable. Yes, I have the ASIO drivers installed. The operating system is Windows 7 x64 (if you wonder). Problem: When I have the guitar connected to the PC the sound is completely different than what I am used to hear from the amplifier. First I thought, it's the headphones. So I tried the speakers, same there. Went to a store and got me a pair of AKG 701's incl. amplifier for them. Still the same.. I have tried the "direct" modes aswell. Also, the sound level is rather low, which I have tried to adjust in the control panel. Other stuff I have tried: Update the systems sound drivers, re-install ASIO drivers, adjusting the pedal's output. Nothing. I mainly use Audacity for recording and Sony Soundforge for editing. In Soundforge I can boost the recorded sound, but I should not need to. Thankful for any replies given.
  3. Nice guitar, very cool "logo" on the head aswell (didn't know that they even did that type!).
  4. Think this could be done with ivory aswell? And good luck! I would love to see the results of the work. Don't cut any fingers now..
  5. So I was thinking of changing the neck pickup, and saw a site that were selling a humbucker named "Motherbucker". I have no good experience with having an alternate pickup, but they said it is worth the money, so does anyone know if this is a good replacement? It's an "Allparts" pickup btw. They also had a set of both neck/bridge pickups "Lace Alumitone", but a bit too expensive if you ask me. I'm infact not so much into actually changing the pickups, I often like things to be 'original', don't know why.
  6. Ok.. Sorry that I did not mention it. But the guitar is an Epiphone G400 Goth. Everything is factory, i.e. completely original. The problem I have, is that I use the metric system and not inches.. I can't convert, I tried using online converters.. But then Ok: Neck pickup should be 3/32" (that would be 2.3 millimeters) And the bridge pickup 1/16" (1.5 millimeters). Nevermind.. Ok, now I know what to measure against. Thanks again!
  7. I am a bit unsure about this, the distance between strings and pickups. What's the distance to prefer? They said at the local music store that when intonating, I should not have the strings too close to the pickups.. But they forgot to mention a desired distance.. Confused is what I am right now.
  8. Thanks for the replies! I was over at the DIY thread and was reading about electrical hum & noise. There is something I just can't do to get rid of it - the electrical output jack on the wall. It's not grounded. It would cost me more than I could ask for to get only my flat to be grounded, and then they would have to ground the entire flat (mine that is). When I connect it to a grounded source i.e. in kitchen or bathroom - hum etc. is gone. I had similar problems when I was building my own strat'. But got the advice to "shield it". However, that was easy, they gave me a list on what to buy and exactly what to do. But the Epi is a bit different, but correct me if I'm wrong, the bridge is grounded, right? I think this would be one project to leave to an expert, but before that - buy some shielded cables. Also, I read that there are guitar cables that can eliminate that "hum". Don't ask me how, I don't know. They are a bit too expensive for my taste however. Right now I'm using a Warwick Rockcable. The one they recommended was VOVOX Link Protect (about $75)..
  9. Would it be better if the diameter of the wire is a bit thicker than the one on right now? The one from factory is that of an old -80's headphone type (ground and signal). I have seen cables that are shielded better, think that I even might have some still in stock at home. Yeah, might be good to even replace the jack at the same time and go over the rest, just in case..
  10. Neck through aswell?? And is that 1 mircoswitch for each pickup? Can't see so clearly on the pics, but it sure looks nice.
  11. Hi Well ok, I was playing and noticed that the nut supposed to secure the guitar jack, was a bit loose. So I gently tried to tighten it. Then I connected the guitar cable, and fired up the amp - big mistake.. The noise coming from the amp was that sound when an instrument is not connected. I knew by then what to do, open the guitar. And correctly, this is what had happend to it: Now, I have only had same thing on an other guitar, and that was my Viking. But it's older than my Epi. So.. is it normal that they come off like this? Not sure it was a bad soldering job, but when I soldered it back on, the sound level had actually increased, maybe because I did the correct thing and add solder to both the wire and the ground on the guitar jack. I also cleaned it off before soldering. I think on saturday, I'm going to go and get all new cables for it and replace the old ones. Might be a good idéa.
  12. And don't forget all the strange people, including me.. No seriously, they have other stuff too. It's just some things look so strange, I just need to have it.
  13. Thanks for the reply, gearhead. Well then atleast I can stop looking for a replacement part. Spoke to my local luthier, and he said it's a pain in the "bottom" if you want to change it aswell..
  14. Yeah.. Umm, I have something to contribute with: Belt buckle and ring from Alchemy Encarta UK. Believe me, these "gadgets" are sometimes rather expensive, and that first guitar pic - would be perfect for someone like me..
  15. Why not just contact the seller and ask for the serial, if unsure?
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