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  1. The “LE” looks like it was added after the guitar was made. It is off center & hand scratched verses stamped into the wood. It’s not impossible , but I doubt it came from the factory stamped that way…….
  2. I have a ‘67 ES-335. [img]https://i.imgur.com/0BeEbcp.jpg[/img] The harmonica bridge on yours screams 70’s. Also it shouldn’t have a stop tailpiece. They came with a trapeze tailpiece or like mine a Bigsby.
  3. They are Schaller made Gibson tuners. They were used approximately 1969 to well into the 70’s. The earlier ones had an “S” on the back for Schaller. These tuners may not be the favorite for looks, but in my opinion, they do the one thing a tuner is supposed to do better than most……. Stay in tune! These are my personal favorite.
  4. Looks like a 1972 ES-335 to me. There is one on Reverb now exactly like it in mint condition……….
  5. If it has black tolex covering & silver grill cloth it is likely from the middle sixties. This was the last series of amps built at the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo.
  6. Looks great to me also…..
  7. Should be a 2017. Eight digit serial numbers, first & fifth numbers signify the year…….
  8. Congrats!! I’ve had an RD Artist guitar & Bass for quite a while now, both 1977s. You don’t come across them very often anymore…….
  9. If you can see one of the pot codes, with either a dental mirror or a WiFi Borescope that will narrow it down a bit more. Example 1377235 137=manufacture CTS 72=year pot was made. 35=week of the year pot was made.
  10. It looks similar to an ES-330 around 1960……..
  11. Looks more like some kind of Melody Maker with the narrow headstock. The pickups have two height adjusting screws one on each end, Les Paul Recording & the similar shaped Marauder neck pickup have three height adjusting screws. The body sure looks thin!
  12. Great ES-335!! It looks to me that it might be a 1966 with the reflector knobs & chrome hardware. I have a cherry 1967, by then they were using witch hat knobs. It’s sort of a mystery about the orange label. It looks like there might have been a number “2” under the “F” in Freddy. My ‘67 didn’t have an orange label at all. It was custom ordered with a Bigsby in place of the lyre vibrato like yours or a trapeze tailpiece. Blank, original orange labels were still readily available at the time I bought it 25 years ago, so I added one. If only a fifty + year old guitar could talk & tell it’s story!
  13. I had a 1975 Les Paul Recording with a maple neck, I still have a 1972 EB-4L with a maple neck. All of the Les Paul Tribute DC guitars & basses that came out in 2019 had mahogany bodies & maple necks…….
  14. It’s not a Gibson, it’s a counterfeit of some sort.
  15. Tronical was the company that made Gibsons Min-Etune system. Either your SG had it originally & everything was removed, or someone dropped the TOM bridge on the original studs.
  16. I had to eventually dress the fret edges on both of my DC basses & my DC JR. Also my ES LP & a 2015 LP Studio. The luthier at GC said it was a Minnesota thing but I never had to do it on any of my vintage guitars.
  17. I was a two pack a day smoker. I quit many years ago after being shamed by my son’s allergist that I was killing him with my smoking. It was the toughest thing I ever had to do, all I thought about for the first year. I never smoked another cigarette but my son started as a teenager which wasn’t in the plan. He has quit several times but gave up on it and is still a smoker. I hope my reward for quitting isn’t outliving my child.
  18. On first glance, it looks odd. The Ripper had a set neck while the Grabber & G3 had a bolt-on neck at the time. The 3 screw TRC looks Asian built.
  19. If it is stamped, it could be a 1974. Gibson went to an oval decal in 1975 that lasted until they changed to a stamped 8 digit number in 1977.
  20. I have both a 1967 EB-2C & a 1967 ES-335C that had the orange oval sticker missing. The EB-2 was ordered without a hand rest & the ES-335 was ordered custom with a Bigsby, it has a “CUSTOM” TRC. I assume that, at least in 1967, if you ordered something different they skipped the orange label & just stamped a FON inside the body. Anybody else run into this?
  21. The newest VG Price Guide is one way to get an idea of value, along with watching what a guitar actually sells for on Reverb, Gbase & eBay. https://imgur.com/9k7X8jG Yours has been modified to the point that it will be worth less than it would have been if it were original.
  22. These folks may know a bit more than most guitar shops. They have been dealing in left-handed guitars for years...... https://www.southpawguitars.com/
  23. I have two published shipping total books, they only go up to 1979. There is no mention of left handed guitars, at least in the ES-330s.
  24. I was under the impression that Memphis built hollow bodies came with that TRC. Now that Memphis is closed down & hollow body production has resumed at Nashville, they likely are no longer using it..... My two ES Les Pauls both had it in 2015 & 2016.
  25. I’ll give it a try..... https://i.imgur.com/mZewfsgl.jpg It takes me there, but acts like there is something wrong......
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