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  1. A friend and I made a bet last night about the Gibson LP #1. I said that Jimmy Paige owns it, he doesnt believe me. Who is right. There is a 12 pack on the line here \:D/
  2. I have a 94 custom lp. Unfortunately I put the case with my lp in the basement. I forgot about it until last weekend where I pulled it out to play. But....I found out after pulling it out that my gold plating on my pickups is peeling!!! What should I do, has this happened to anyone else here????
  3. Thanks for the pics I cant wait till I can see these! They look amazing.
  4. I have a 97 les paul and want to play around with some new pic-ups. (I get bored easily) What new or used pic-ups do you think I should try out?
  5. Great pics. I got a chance to play one at a friends house and must say it is a funnnnnnnn ax to play. Especially for the price.
  6. Let the tone be true and the turkey fill our guts! Happy tday Les Paulers!!!!
  7. Wow! My wife gave me a salad mixer (hand sized) and said lose some weight. What a great gift, I think I would have cried!!!
  8. Wow It is amazing what is popping up in this economy. Very cool! Wish I could afford it!!!
  9. Wow that is a different top. Congrads on the new beast or should I say beauty!
  10. I am writing an article about Gibson Les Pauls and I need the collectives help on these opinion questions. 1. If you were to buy a new Gibson Les Paul Model which would it be? 2. What is your favorite Finish? 3. Which Les Pauls do you own now? or Want to own soon? 4. What would you tell someone is the best feature of your guitar? and the dreaded 5. Why would you pick a Gibson Les Paul over a different brand? (Fender especially) Thanks for any help you can give:)
  11. jnstrom

    Les paul

    Hmmmm This one is a wierd one. Try contacting Gibson support.
  12. Sounds like a screamin deal. Sounds to good to be true and you know what that means. Better check the serials.
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