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  1. The only other thing I can note is that my Serial number doesn't have a CS either that also indicates a reissue v/s a regular custom or custom shop guitar. Oh and just to vent, It looks like "rtc" got his jabs in trying to slap somebody around until he figured out that I had a legitimate reason to question what Gibson was telling me and not just trying to glorify my guitar and make it more that what I was being told it was.. Nice of him to own it and admit he was wrong..
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  3. Thanks for all the Help to you and everyone else. I found some additional information on the guitar as well as on just like with a similar serial number and it showed a COA that says it was a '68 Reissue. My guess is that someone can make a fake COA though. Everything looks identical though, same bridge mount, same water decal on the back of the neck/headstock, similar SN. I couldn't see the wiring but it said it had a burstbucker 2 (N) and a 498T. I posted pictures in the link below that was the same as the other link. Exact same guitar, different Serial Number and I don't believe the year either 2010?? https://guitarchimp.com/products/2010-gibson-custom-shop-1968-reissue-les-paul-custom-silverburst-historic-68ri-rare https://www.hbaudioiems.com/blank https://static.wixstatic.com/media/3933aa_ed3c01a1d0234632b7aeecbaa27fb799~mv2.jpg/v1/fill/w_600,h_480,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/Silverburst%20Custom%20SN%20055118%20paperwork%20s.webp https://static.wixstatic.com/media/3933aa_ed3c01a1d0234632b7aeecbaa27fb799~mv2.jpg/v1/fill/w_600,h_480,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/Silverburst%20Custom%20SN%20055118%20paperwork%20s.webp
  4. Tim, If you're around, can you help me out in this thread? Someone said you are a great resource for my question. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/145719-something-doesnt-jive-with-this-serial-number-and-model/page__st__20__gopid__1975103&do=findComment&comment=1975103
  5. It is a long tenon but I don't see any R or RI stamp in the pot cavity or pickup cavity
  6. Thanks Black Dog! I will check for this. Maybe I can play the crap out of it and justify ripping the fairly new strings off. LOL It might be my best indication of what I have. I'll check for the R stamp in the cavities as well. The Bridge and Serial number still puzzle me and I have ask Bob several times to explain to me why I mine are not considered indicators of a '68 reissue. All of the 2005 Customs that I have found have the metal inserts in the top of the guitar for the bridge post but this one does not and that is normal for a '68 reissue.
  7. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR TIME and for your input. I’m sorry for the delay, I got the flu and to say the least, I wasn’t up for anything but bed.. I would post more pictures but I can’t. For some reason, I’ve been limited. I’ll try another route.. I was able to post pictures here. Let me know if you want to see more. THANKS! https://www.hbaudioiems.com/blank It was Bob and I’ve worked with him for years and normally don’t question him but this one just doesn’t add up and he won’t fully explain the things that cause me to believe it’s not a regular custom. The guitar has the double cut diamonds not the wheat bucket. Everything says that it’s a ’68 Reissue except Gibson themselves. Which brings me to rtc rtc. Your question is “just truly wonder why a call to the people that made it just...isn't...enough.” I mean, I know you’re an advanced member and I respect your input but at least consider why I am doubting Gibson’s word. I’ve went through Gibson numerous times and never question what they tell me but their information just doesn’t jive with what I have. Shouldn’t they be able to tell by a SN of 055118 that this isn’t a regular custom serial number? Yet they tell me that it is and that the SN traces back to a model LPC-SLBCH1. Regular Customs don’t have this type of serial number and Regular Customs don’t have a tailpiece that screws directly into the wood top(no metal inserts). All I’m asking here is for others opinion of weather I’m totally out in left field for not believing what they are telling me or if I have a good argument that they could are wrong. They aren’t GODs, they can be wrong, something could have been entered incorrectly. Without various opinions of what I have, I have no argument to take it and have them look at it so I can validate what I have. Isn’t that what forums are for? Helping people who are less educated? I don’t care if it’s more spectacular than what they say it is. I do However, care if they are telling me information that is incorrect and when I have pretty definitive proof that it isn’t what they tell me it is. Yet they will not explain to me the discrepancy in what the Serial Number says it is and what they tell me it is along with the fact it has a ’68 reissue mount on the tail piece. In addition, If I ever sell it, it sure would be nice to know what I’m selling so that I can answer questions that someone ask. Thanks Pip for backing me here. I feel the same way. If I want to sell it, I can’t sell it as a ’68 reissue even if I believe it is if Gibson will say that it isn’t. the ’68 Reissue is clearly worth more. It does have the ‘Custom Shop’ water slice where the neck meets the headstock. Custom across the top, shop across the bottom and Gibson through the middle. The pickups don’t have either of those but it does have something. It has the worn patent applied for sticker with a stickers that say #1 Wound By PS and #2 Wound by PS.
  8. The Serial Number on my 2005 Custom is 055118. My research tells me that this is a 2005 '68 reissue. Based on this information. YYRRRM YY is the production year RRR® indicates the guitar's place in production for that year. M is the model being reissued Reissue model codes: 1= SG Custom and Special 2= SG Standard 3= 1963 Firebird 1 4= 1964 Firebird III 5= 1965 Firebird V & VII 8= 1968 Les Paul Custom However, Gibson's support team is telling me that it is NOT. They say the serial number corresponds to Model number LPC-SLBCH1 which is a regular ol Les Paul Custom 2005 model. Another thing that makes me question this information is the fact that the bridge is an ABR-1 and instead of the post screwing into the metal inserts, they screw directly into the wood top of the guitar. Although the wiring isn't all that neat, it does look to be '68 reissue wiring. I have no doubts at all that this is a true Gibson the quality is exactly what I'm used to from my experience and the setup is spot on as far as perfect intonation all along the neck. A fake just won't be close to this guy. The person I spoke with at Gibson Support, is someone who has helped me quite a few times over the last 10 years of so and he also checked with the Custom division and they confirmed that based on the Serial Number, it's a regular Les Paul Custom. Any help would greatly be appreciated, even if it would include a separate contact. Thanks for your time! Harry
  9. The forum can be kind of slow but I found this if it helps. It looks to be MIJ https://reverb.com/item/5288430-vintage-mij-gibson-epiphone-strat-1970s-tobacco-burst-very-rare-made-in-japan and this https://reverb.com/item/12583510-epiphone-vintage-80s-mij-japan-shedder-super-strat-single-humbucker-hockey-stick-headstock-and-lightweight-1980s-factory-original-two-color-vintage-tobacco-sunburst
  10. Cool, I'll add that info to my education. As noted, that I might be wrong and indeed it looks like I was. I have not owned a coil split unit nor a traditional so I was just noting it might be something to look at. Thanks!
  11. This is the site I use https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-gibson_eng.php it says Kalamzoo, I'm no expert but haven't found this one to be incorrect before.
  12. I am no expert by any means. But I'm with you, almost everything looks good except the serial number. Several numbers look double stamped and that 3 2nd from the end looks like it was a 7 and stamped over with a 3. If you look close, it looks like you mentioned, someone sanded it down to possibly change the SN to imply it was a different year or something different all together but messed up trying to stamp it. The only other thing was the pickup wires didn't have the wire shielding over them. I might be wrong but my guess is that traditionals would come with that shielding. just my $.02 since no one else has chimed in.
  13. Thanks for the input! I don't know why they would say it either, even if their records show it, they should realize that the serial number doesn't match what they are telling me and yet I can't get them to clarify why they think it's not a '68 reissue. It does't have 490/498s, that is what Gibson is telling me that it has. However, as seen in the photo above, it has something else that I believe is burstbuckers but I'm not real knowledgeable on those. I've also been told that the guys a Gibson aren't normally very how do I say... Informed, willing to be right, eagar to help beyond a couple key strokes, and so on. I was also told by one person that they aren't always the cleanest when wiring up guitars either. Which might be the case, but a solder ball just sitting there without a wire in it would be really stretching it in the concentration department. I don't really doubt that it's a true Gibson but I just don't know if I paid too much for it. I couldn't find but a couple silverburst '68 reissues so I paid maybe $800-$1000 more than I think I would have for just a modified Custom. Thanks again Black Dog for your time and all your help!
  14. Hi guys, It has been a while since I have posted. Thanks for your time here. I purchased a 2005 Silverburst Custom '68 Reissue from a fairly large guitar shop and everything looked legit. It appeared to be a fairly rare find and is part of the reason for my purchase. I could find Custom Siverburst, but no reissues. I didn't have any reason to be suspicious, the workmanship, the setup, everything was the quality I expected from a Gibson. I've had several Gibson LPs from studios to standards however, this was my 1st custom. I recently had some people question a few things. Primarily the sloppy wiring and type of pickups. I ask Gibsons customer support and they told me it left the factory as a Custom with 498T and 490R pickups. Even though, the Serial number indicates a '68 reissue and he will not clarify this discrepancy for me. The photos are of the questionable wiring that looks sloppy and the pickups that are clearly not 498T and 490Rs. I believe a '68 reissues should have Burstbucker pickups which it looks to have if I'm correct. Another problem I have with Gibson's claim is the the tailpiece mounting. It goes directly into the wood and doesn't have the metal inserts. As far as I know, this is reflective of a '68 reissue, not a regular custom as Gibson claims that this Serial number is. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated? SN 055118 Thanks again for your time and any help!! Harry
  15. I'm not sure what model of Les Paul this is. The closest I can find to it is on their website it's the 1960 double cut away special. Only mine says Les Paul “model” and the special says Les Paul “special”. The SN is 00940490. Thanks for any help!
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