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  1. I'm 6'5', I have giant hands, that P/G was in the way for me. Not sure if it's because of the smaller body size or what, but I had to get it off of there.
  2. this pics on the guitar sites didn't really show the true color and i was pleasantly surprised by how nice the finish was. Hope you get a nice one too.
  3. Actually got it last week, but didn't get a chance to clean it up and do a string change until today. First of all, it's a beautiful guitar and appears to be very well built. Whether that's a result of paying attention to detail or filling all the flaws with bulletproof polyester, i don't know and really don't care. it looks great and sounds great. The neck is also very nice, excellent fretwork BUT the fretboard was as dry as dry can be. My Epi '61 SG was the same way. I'm not really sure if this is something that happens as a result of being shipped in hot cargo containers, but it sure se
  4. My Epiphone '61 SG special showed up today, definitely not thrilled with the set up and dryness of the fretboard. The set-up was wicked high because the pilot hole for the bridge pup elevator screw was not deep enough on the treble side, so they left the pup way up and adjusted the action accordingly. Not very good inspection/set -up program over there I guess. Anyway, I got it sorted out and it really is a nice guitar, sounds awesome and plays very well thanks to my incredible set-up skills
  5. You will miss those P90s in less than 3 days.
  6. yeah, you would have to play it left handed if i sent it to you
  7. I have decided to sell mine, just not finding much time to play it. I have a lot of guitars and it's just hasn't become one that jumps off the wall when i'm getting set up to play.
  8. Bones


    thanks, it's natural mahogany though, not walnut.
  9. Bones


    UPS man dropped this on my porch today, it's my first Gibson in a long time after a couple bad experiences with them. Gotta say, I couldn't be happier with my choice. just wish I was so sick with a massive head cold
  10. I have the Fireburst model.
  11. I'm leaving mine stock, there's nothing wrong with the pups that are in it.
  12. The screws are machine screws, not wood screws, but otherwise the same principle.
  13. That pup definitely looks damaged. I just took mine apart and what's under there are threaded sleeves sunk into the body that the screws go into and a block of foam rubber that is stuck to the bottom of the pup. The screws compress the foam when tightened and the foam expands when the screws are loosened and in theory raises the pup back up. The holes where the screws pass through the pup are not threaded only the sleeves in the body. looks like maybe someone over tightened that lower screw trying to compress the foam and stripped either the sleeve or the screw. To anyone else reading this, b
  14. the pole pieces on mine are all level. I have not attempted to adjust the height because everything about this guitar is set up just right IMHO, so I have resisted the urge to turn screws just for the heck of it. there should be springs or rubber tubing to give the screws something to work against. My mini-hum is perfectly quiet.
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