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  1. There is enough detail on the body scanners to determine if a man is dangling an anteater or a fire helmet. Google image search. On women, the shape and size of the frontal portion of the vulva is apparent, as are the shape of the breasts. On both, butt dimples and crack are easily visible. no thanks.
  2. Learning songs for a sub gig on Saturday. one rehearsal on Thursday. Tonight is my only time to learn the tunes.
  3. Constitution? Really? Sorry, no. If you live within 100 miles of a coastline or international border, or enter an airport, you are in a Constitution-free zone. Your rights are suspended. Period. Go to the ACLU website and see for yourself. Step 2 of our march towards official martial law. I have a plan for the next time I fly, if I am selected for the porn scan or genital grope. I guarantee you, it will make at least local news.
  4. BRILLIANT. Never ever would have thought of this but you are 100% correct. That would have been AWESOME!!!!!!
  5. 1. Charts the parts (verse, chorus etc) counting bars 2. Chart the chord progression uing Roman numeral system, since I transpose a lot. 3. Fill in with any riffs I am actually able to play. Ususally though I end up doing a reduction analysis to simplify accompaniment. 4. All the while, singing and playing along. This changes though, depending on the song.
  6. Read, write, transcribe, and transpose. Hard to live in a country where you are not literate in the language... why should music be any different? To make yourself understood at a certain level and be understood yourself, you need to be proficient in the language of music. That said, I fricking hate writing full scores. Transposing for horns makes me want to kick a dog. For reals. Thank god I have not had to do it for a really long time.
  7. Thanks for the compliments! I have several projects in the works... about to release next CD with my band in Sweden, Lapis Lazuli; finished a record this summer for Gothenberg producer/songwriter Per Froberg; about to start recording songs for John Prassas' (Aesma Daeva) solo CD; took a meeting with a UK-based songwriter/producer who had 2 songs I might cut on my next CD; plus, I am butt-deep in writing my own material. Busy as hell and loving it. surfpup: Awesome. I love country "novelty" songs. Very clever! Big Bill: Cracked up! Kept thinking about the tall chick in Deuce Bigalow. First Measure: I have a true appreciation for that song... my duo partner sings it and plays acoustic; not easy. Your singing voice is very pleasant, but I have to say... if that was your speaking voice at the beginning of that clip, it's a real panty-dropper! Duane... imagine if you had never joined that other band. We'd rule the world by now.
  8. Meh. some originals some acoustic covers Some Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW_CRBm6qHM My band in Sweden has to rehearse without me when I am not there... thus my lack of actual apeaance in this video. They use my recorded vocal tracks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWL9yxPUnmc
  9. The grey tabby was rescued along with three littermates from a dumpster when they were only a few days old. Mother was nowhere to be found and the kittens were nearly starved. They were taken in and hand raised, and later adopted out at 12 weeks old. I picked him because when I went to see them, he was the one on his foster-mother's lap, would not play or say hi or anything. The others were bouncy and curious and troublemakers. I knew if I picked him, he would bond tightly with me, and I would become "mama." I was right. He is a very sweet, affectionate cat, and looks at me like he KNOWS me. weird and cool. The black one I found just before a moonless midnight, on my way home from a date. I saw a little streak run across the dirt road on the way to my house, and shouted for my date to stop the car. I got out and found these two little eyes staring up from nothingness in the black of night. He meowed up at me, so I picked him up. He jumped down, ran a few steps, then stopped and looked back up at me, mewling. This time he decided to take his chances with me when I picked him up. I brought him home and my tabby, who was a little under a year old, immediately adopted him. He was only 4 weeks old and eaten alive by fleas and worms. The vet was so pleased I rescued him that he treated him for free. Two best cats in the world. Fun, affectionate, and grateful. =))
  10. I am not rich. I did not buy it. I would NOT buy it. It was amusing to lick it and see the salesman turn that lovely shade of lilac.
  11. Recently I started messing with open tunings. My cats like it when I play, but for some reason, open G and D tuning fascinates them. They sit on the couch across from me and just STARE. A little unnerving. Cats are so cool and so strange and mine are the most awesome cats ever. :P
  12. Wow... came up with like 20 names. I am gonna have to give this some more thought.
  13. Me and Frank at Wild West Guitars a couple of years ago.
  14. One of them grabbed a new string out of my hand, ran with it, and jumped about 5 feet vertical when it sprang loose from its coil.
  15. Both my main guitars (Evie the Taylor and Damien the Ibanez) were due. But restringing in the presence of two cats is absolutely hilarious and requires speed and skill, as well as a healthy dose of patience and humor. Winding strings with two cats trying to alternately bite off or bat at the ends is a challenging task. :P Then of course as soon as the old string comes off, it is their favorite cat toy... until I start winding the new one. Anyone else deal with this?
  16. Floor Jansen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjm4BrNAf6s Bjork. Holy crap. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26GlmgxR29c ...and Me. Though you have not heard of me yet. Give it another 6-12 months. ;-)
  17. Lisa Dalbello. I covered one of her tunes on my last CD and she loved it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbst5RT56bw Lucinda Williams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1B4Q0hugV8
  18. I re-tubed about a year and a half ago. I can't haul around another cab. =(( As it is, I strain my back every time I have to carry my combo. Yeah yeah the guys always offer to carry it for me, but I pride myself on hauling as much gear in and out of gigs as they do. :P I just really want the sound of a closed back Modern Lead out of an open back cab... and that just ain;t happening. What would a Modern Lead even sound like in an open back? Would I get the same level of response and sensitivity?
  19. I have a late 80's Marshall JCM800 1x12 50-watt dual channel combo. It currently has a Vintage 30 in it. Thing is, none of my guitars sound that good with it. It sounds ok until I hit about 5 on the gain, then it starts sounding farty... nothing I do EQ-wise can get the tone I want. I have also played with the channel volume - master volume balance, and that seems to do no good. The only time this amp sounds truly good is at stoooopid high volume. I really like the sound of Modern Leads, but have been advised that in an open-back cab it will not sound good. opinions? I am looking for a sharp, clear tone that sounds great at any gain level. I play mostly at a fairly low volume, except when I record. I am in a cover band, so I have to play in a variety of styles/tones, but I do not want to become a pedal-board slave if possible. I like a speaker that can be responsive to touch; since I cut my teeth on acoustic, my touch can vary from a caress to a pounding. Help?
  20. I wore a Viking costume and scared small children by running at them with my plastic sword and demanding the password if they wanted candy. Most kids were too dumb to know that the password was "trick or treat." So I had to tell them myself. :P All around a fun night. :)
  21. Low action, even on my acoutic. 12's on my Taylor, 10's on my Ibanez and my LP. Medium picks for my acoustic, heavy for my electrics.
  22. Evie (Taylor) I didn't name her, She told me her name the first time I touched her. Sophia (Epi LP Standard) because she is curvy and classy and difficult, like Spohia Loren. Damian (Ibanez Custom S) because he is EEEEEEEEEVVIIIIIILLLL!!!!!!, in a good way. Pure wicked tone, easy as the beaten path called the road to hell. Rico (Rickenbacker 4001)rrrriccooo... suave.....
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