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  1. Satin ebony studio has uncovered 490T & 498R pickups. I'm not sure about the maple cap though. My 2009 seems to have the exact same grain to the wood both front and back. Also, the satin finish is not very thick or durable. My strap rubbed through the finish on the top and bottom edge in a couple of small spots. The wood color showing through seems too dark on the top to be maple. Top and bottom seem to be the same.


    This is confusing because the model is called Les Paul Studio Mahogany in Satin Ebony, but the Gibson website says it has a maple top. That makes no sense. Why would it be called Mahogany if it had a maple top like the normal Studio? I think the maple reference is in error. You can check out the link below for Gibson's "official" specifications.



  2. Studio satin ebony is not a model of the Studio 50's Tribute series with the P-90 pickups. Rather it's part of the Studio Mahogany series with the "worn" finishes but exclusive to GC and has 490R/498T pickups I bought mine in 2009 and GC was throwing in a hardshell case. Gibson website now references a gig bag, so maybe the hardshell case deal is over.

  3. Thanks. Yellow seems more prominent on mine than most of the other CSB's posted in this thread. Kind of surprises me. I've had this for a little less than 2 years and paid quite a bit more than what I saw them going for when still in production. Should have bought it sooner!

  4. 2007 CSB. It's a cellphone pic, but turned out pretty well. Mineral streaks are more visible in person. Standard Faded tops have much more "character" than most LP's. Great guitars.




    I also have a 2009 "GC exclusive" satin ebony Studio which qualifies as a faded. No pics at the moment.

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