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  1. All excllent points, really good thread and thanks for sharing.


    Couple things i would add:


    1) I find mediums work great on mahogany b/s dreads as they bring out the natural woody richness of the tone, while 12's are better for rosewood b/s guitars. I found 13's on rosewood dreads in particular chokes the sound.


    I prefer non coated strings and i always put a new set of strings before a gig, hence it makes sense to use non coated ones as i reagularly change them. I just find its easier to play with new strings, and as I use DR Sunbeams they have a warm tone straight off the bat so dont have to worry about new string zip'.


    Bone pins /saddle - Ive plaed Colossi bone pins / saddles in all my main 3 guitars and yes, i do hear a genuine difference. Its subtle but there, all for the better


    Guitar picks - this is probably to me the one thing that can change the tone of a guitar more than anything. Its also the cheapest 'modification'. Thicker picks bring a really different tone compared to lighter ones. Its worth experimenting. Personally i tried numerous picks but i alway come back to the Orange Tortex picks, but if i play a track where there is a lot flat picking i gravitate to a thicker pick, as it makes picking really a lot easier.


    OK, thats my 7cents worth.




    Always wondered about string gage. I have heard many folks say that size of the instrument has a lot to do with sting gage preference...and that the larger the instrument the greater the tension/gage in order to move the top. Nevertheless, I believe I will try some lights on my rosewoods and see if there is a difference. Right now I have all dreads, and they all have mediums/aj17 coated d'addarrios.

  2. Hugely thorough and complete study.....



    What kind of guitar and what kind of case? Was there a guitar IN the case?



    Why only ONE case?




    What happens if you have LOTS of cases? AHA!





    A common tactic we used as college kids, was take a camera and go around the pool (any pool we could get access to) taking "pictures" of the ladies. Usually, without film. Invariably, there were poses, smiles, etc. Of course, there were setbacks, like, "hey, take a hike!" If you have access to a puppy..that works too :).

  3. Looks like a gouge to me, and not a split that will meander.


    I agree with you, looks like a split...of course, I do not have 20-20. How long have you had the guitar? Was the "split/gouge" present when you bought it? Has it moved/changed since you noticed it?

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