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  1. yes,a few last year,and the latest one, the lee malia lp artisan in february or so. i have played and purchased many epis over the years,and yes,fretwork aint too good. the surprising thing is that it is on the more expensive models,but i have played plenty of the cheap bolt-on lp specials II with great fretwork.true story
  2. sorry,my latest epi, the lee malia has poor fretwork,and need to go in to get a fretlevel.last year I ordered(have to,no music stores here)online,and one of them were just rubbish,back it went. the other one was better,but still it was hard to play.you know, my first epi is an flying v 67 ,and the fretwork on that one is just great,it is from 1994. i still have it.I have in just about bought new epiphones each year since 1999,and in my experience there are hit and miss in the fretwork, and the toggle switches are still crap to this day.thats my story and i am sticking to it.
  3. here`s my take on epiphone. the toggle switch have to go, it is wobbly and on my epiphones over the years,they would crap out all the time,even when i played a gig..no sound !! switchcraft upgrade !! the fretwork on epis are not satisfactory . uneven frets,that means high and low frets..dead spots..and this was on their more expensive models. surprising, i played a few lp specials, and they had flawless fretwork..
  4. Happy birthday and enjoy the guitar :)
  5. not gonna weigh that much today
  6. hi :) I bought a ZW lp bullseye custom from a friend of mine. he told me there wasnt any COA With the guitar when he bought it in 2001. so i am asking you good People if you know ?? don`t worry the guitar is not an fake. low Serial number.
  7. I do not mind the Maple Board if everything was all right With it. my BM Gibsons has the famous second fret, Third string Buzz. i have had the frets leveled and put on 011-049 strings and it has helped very much but it shouldnt have left the factory With this flaw. it has cost me a lot of Money for repairs . the positivwe side of it is that it is a delight to play on and the guitars sounds great,now that the intense buzzing has disappeared for the most part
  8. this is my 1992 lp studio. quite worn and the finish has turned cream. but i love the guitar. all original. Picture taken the day I got her. traded another guitar for this white beauty
  9. Nice nighthawk !! looks the same as mine,though mine do not have the middle pickup. but it is the same colour. Fireburst i guess
  10. they must have continued making the guitar for 2015 at least,and so they removed the 12 fret inlay since it was the 120 year anniversary
  11. R7-2012 traditional 1960, 2011 50`s tribute, 2010
  12. hi :) the holes in the headstock were a little bit tight for the bushers,but it all came together in the end. got them from wdmusic.com actually. really expensive . thanks , Norway is beautiful yes,but it can be a little harsh during the blizzards during the wintertime,lol
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