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  1. Thanks for the reply. Fixed links to work on PC, I had posted them on mobile. I use scotchbrite for a lot of things, wouldn't work for this though as it is a glue like material. Need something more heavy duty.
  2. Hey all, It’s been a hot minute since I posted here. Anyway, I recently aquired a Epiphone ES-333 Tom Delonge signature model and it has some sort of grip material added to the neck, I’m looking for advice on 1. What it is and 2. How to remove it without damaging the instrument. Thanks in advance! https://www.imgur.com/qFWTrHeh.jpg https://www.imgur.com/PrF1h2Ch.jpg EDIT: Fixed links.
  3. Thanks, that was useful info. It ended up being a combination of two things, first time I re-soldered the output jack I was out of solder wick and just used a pump and so the connection was bad and started crackling a little bit. Then I reconnected it and noticed the volume thing. Think it might still be an issue with the jack I replaced and re-soldered. Works fine now and I realized the huge volume difference was just do to me not setting the pickup height since I changed the pick guard. Thanks again.
  4. Hey, I haven't posted on here for years so most of you probably won't remember me. This isn't Gibson related but I've always received really good help/advice from you guys so here we go. Just replaced the pic guard and pickup covers on my Strat and did two stupid things in the process. 1. I pushed too hard on one of the tone pots without supporting it from the back and it started to separate but I grabbed some pliers and put back down the metal tabs and it's completely secure... no wobbling or anything. 2. My output jack was super loose and in the process of fixing it I accidentally broke off the ground which I immediately soldered back on. Now I've having this issue where the volume is super low on the guitar, it sometimes sounds staticy and if I roll off the volume below like 8 the sound cuts out completely. It popped in and out of normal volume a few times but I couldn't seem to correlate it to anything specific... I tried moving around the output jack and all the controls. So any ideas on what might be wrong inside there? Also it might sound like I'm just an idiot who doesn't know how to do anything on instruments but I promise you in my 7+ years of playing and 3 other guitars I've never messed up anything until now. That includes a full new set of electronics in one of my guitars. Thanks in advance.
  5. Any idea how to ground it since it just has a two prong cord? Might it try to ground itself to the chassis of the mixer itself? Thanks for the input! That will definitely help
  6. Thanks a lot! It's working out really well. We have one problem though, we're getting this really high frequency hum underneath all the recordings. We are even getting that hum when the mic is unplugged from the mixer (Alesis MultiMix4). Any idea what the hum is from? It might be because the mixer power isn't grounded.
  7. Hey guys and gals, I'm working on a film project with my brother and it's animation so of course we're going to have to record all the vocals. We are using a AKG Perception 220 What side should be facing the voice? The front flat side I'm assuming? Also what is a good distance to be away from it? We have one of those black screen things too. Also does it matter if it's being "hung" of being "help up?" Thanks for you help and sorry for being such an amateur when it comes to recording vocals :P
  8. Am I the only person that never uses D'Addarios because they always break?
  9. Haha yeah that makes since :) What other fuzzes do you have?
  10. Sweet! Have you ever tried the whole "dying battery" thing with it?
  11. That sounds amazing! I've been looking for a good fuzz. Can it do some crazy stuff too?
  12. I'm pretty sure that's a fake. I can't ever remember a time Gibson used bolt on necks and that head shape looks wrong to me... I'm sure there are people on here way more knowledgeable than me :) EDIT:: It also doesn't have any model name on it which is weird and the crown on the headstock looks off...
  13. The pick gnomes usually steal them before you get a chance to look down!
  14. Hmm, I've never owned one of their pedals before but they look awesome and are very reasonably priced!
  15. You make a great point! I think after reading the previous post and this I will probably for for the '52... I liked the JA-90 but not the same way I loved the '52... there was just something special about it in my hands. I've always been a Gibson person for the most part and I like warmer sounding guitars but there was just something really special about the feel and the tone of the '52.
  16. Thanks a alot for all the info it was a big help I'm one to hold onto guitars and not sell/trade them however I've only been playing for 3-4 years so I don't know what the future will bring :) You make a good point on getting the more expensive one first... also like you said the '52 probably isn't going to go down in price nearly as much and the JA-90 when they are out of production.
  17. So, I've been saving up and am looking at getting another guitar in the next... maybe six months? Anyway I've played a lot of guitars and there are two I've played that were just amazing and fit with me so well! They just felt alive in my hands they were the Fender '52 Reissue and the Fender Jim Adkins Telecaster. I'm trying to decide which one to invest in first I'm thinking after my next guitar purchase it will be 2-3 years before I can get another one and I really like both those guitars. I think the '52 Reissue would complement my current guitars better (Gibson LP Jr. and LTD Viper 301) however I'm concerned about the JA Tele not being available a few years down the road. So, which one would you suggest getting first? Any thoughts are much appreciated! :)
  18. Don't get me started on lighting and people who don't white balance I've done film and photography work for a while with my brother and the one thing I'm good at is lighting and it drives me crazy when people can't get good pictures :)
  19. One other thing I thought of... you could also look into using an attenuator and running some small into it.
  20. I'm a youngster but I just play at my church so I always have to be quiet... I've always used tube amps I use a AC-15 at about %25 now and it's not amazing but it gets pretty good tone. I've used some 5 watt amps too and to be honest they are hardly any quieter then 15 watt amps... the speaker makes a bigger difference at that level than the wattage in my opinion.
  21. I really like A and C! I voted for C because I thought it was more unique :)
  22. Riptide

    My SG

    WOW! That looks freaking amazing! Good choice on picking that one up. (And thanks for the better pics ;) )
  23. Riptide

    My SG

    Nice! Maybe some pics in better lighting without a flash?
  24. Riptide

    LPJ Club

    I just playing an SGJ for the first time yesterday... I liked it a lot! It wasn't amazing or anything but for the price and everything :) I also love the stained look and it just felt good.
  25. Thanks for all the info! That was super helpful I'll definitely post some pics on here whenever I do that! EDIT:: That fretboard looks beautiful by the way! If I didn't know better I would have thought it was ebony.
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