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  1. Hadn't seen anyone else post clips comparing the two. I happen to have one of each right now so I thought I'd do some clips (mainly to help me decide if I want to put some Orange Drop Caps in the 60s). Thought you guys might be interested. Particularly those who had one but not the other. FWIW I see the sonic benefits of both. 60s sound is a little less compressed when driven, but I think the 50s might sound a hair fuller when completely clean. It's all relative. Definitely prefer the 60s neck tho. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VuOmkYJvFc 2 other clips
  2. Yeah that's what I'm trying to figure out, if I'm going to have to find someone willing to trade, or if I'd have to go secondhand (and then possibly out of pocket pending how much I could get for mine). I kinda do have a little bit of a lead on a new one, not sure if it's in this state though - gotta call the place today.
  3. Hey all. Owner of a 50s Tribute GT... hadn't really been following what's been going on with the 60s much, but got to play one at our GC today. I prefer the neck much more than on my 50s. Are the GoldTops as tough to find as they were for the 50s? Guy at GC looked on their site while I was there and you can't order one there. Came home and saw that MF has the Gold's listed... but wasn't sure if they were going to do what they did to some last summer with the whole "sorry these aren't going to be available" nonsense. I'll have to unload my 50s first, but I don't want to do that unless I'm sure I can get a 60s in Gold.
  4. +1 here (multi-angle videos up of it on Youtube.com/iodine74. Though I got the chance to hold/play a 60s (Cherryburst) today... like the neck much much better. Gotta see if I can track down a 60s Goldtop and unload mine.
  5. Ok... uploaded a video showing off the body construction of my goldtop. Seems like guys are having different experiences with # of pieces in the body construction, so I thought I'd show mine. It also shows the scuffing on the back coverplate.
  6. Sorry for the delay in response. It's actually not a camcorder, it's just my digital cam. Canon PowerShot SX210IS. Used to have another canon that died an my wife got me this for our anniversary this year after she'd done a bunch of research. I hadn't even been thinking about a camera, but it does take some really nice shots and I'm surprised at how well it does the video too. BTW... uploading a new vid right now that I did focusing on the body pieces and showing off the scuffs on the pot covering on the back.
  7. Hi everyone. Been lurking around since June or so. I knew I wanted one right away, but had to wait on some ebay/Paypal funds to clear before I could pre-order. Of course by the time they did, goldtops and honeybursts were taken down from all the sites. Was pretty ticked. Back in July I called a store we've got here in town to see if they knew if they'd be getting any, they put me on a 'call' list. Ended up getting that call a few weeks ago, went by after work to check it out and ended up bringing it home 2 Thursdays ago. I know some folks have done close up pics, I decided to do a short vid this weekend where I just shoot it at different angles. thought some of you might be interested. I've got another that I need to upload where I focus on the body. Mine appears to be a 3 piece for the main body. It might be 4, but the way the grain is... kinda hard to tell
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