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  1. This made me smile broadly. Mine is Gretel "Sorrow" Goransson. Bit lame.
  2. Heard the news on the radio and seen pictures on the web. Absolutely terrible, it does leave you lost for words. You can't rationalise an act like that.
  3. I'm in England and always call it tomato sauce or red sauce. I prefer HP brown sauce, especially on a bacon and egg sandwich, which is exactly what I'm gonna have when I can be bothered to get myself shifted.
  4. Marc Bolan for me as well.
  5. I stuck it for about an hour and a quarter. Not for me. I did think of mateyboy on the forum when I heard the "bat country" line.
  6. Hopefully some groundbreaking track which will have been recorded about 2070.
  7. I like to play a little game every morning called Wetshave In Under Thirty Seconds. If you can achieve this without slicing that bit which separates your nostrils, you can then move on to the next level, which is entitled Breakfast.
  8. See the post from the Honourable Member for New York in this thread. I fully agree with everything else he said though.
  9. I recognise the early signs of my occasional dips into darkness. I find long walks or vigorous exercise helpful. You get a bit of a lift doing it, and you knacker yourself out. The resulting rest period always chills me out a bit. All the best. For f***s sake, don't try r***g**n.
  10. It was named both aluminum and alumium before it was aluminium in the UK. I prefer aluminum.
  11. That's a great photo of Lennon at the piano. I've got the With The Beatles album on vinyl, from 1963, and I used to stare at it for ages as a kid. I love that cover.
  12. The place was full of kn*bheads, I wasn't a fan, and I fancied a booze.
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